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Worst Case Scenarios When Travelling
For solo travellers and single parents looking for the best tips on planning worst case scenarios when travelling. It's good practice to have a contingency plan just incase things don't go the way they should. Whether in your own country or abroad where you may not speak the local language or know your way around.
What Is The Magic Water Circuit In Lima? I read what the magic water circuit (Circuito Mágico del Agua) was on Trip Advisor, It looked so cool and one of my must-sees in Lima. It's just on the edge of the city; about 20 mins from Miraflores district. I had to hail my first cab from the side of the road "Whoo hoo" (because usually I'd get the hotel or B&B to call one - safer that way with a child) I was outside the Marriott when I saw tons of those amazing yellow cabs! (in London all our cabs are black)...
What is a bucket list single mum travels blog
Everyone has heard it but what is a bucket lis? How do you get started and create one and best of all check off your list? Here I tell you how to make a bucket list and live it. My bucket list consisted of two things; places I wanted to visit that inspired me and secondly things I wanted to experience in my life.
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