Cusco With a Child
We woke early to get our flight to Cusco from George Chávez International airport in Lima. Mornings in Lima are generally chilly and cloudy so we wrapped up warm ready to fly over the Andes Mountain.
Eco Lodge Peru
During our time in the Amazon Jungle and River we saw huge varieties of exotic and truly stunning flora & fauna during our trip to the Amazon in Peru's most Northern Territory: Iquitos, where we took a speed boat ride 45 mins to our Eco Lodge, we visited the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve several times.
The Amazon at sunset
Planning our big adventure to Peru was beyond amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed all the research conducted and the time spent throughout the whole trip soaking in the excitement, it was building up every step of the way.   Looking at a map of Peru I remember thinking to myself, how an earth am I going to master this and pull it off with a 4yr old when I don't have a clue
The Amazon at sunset Pacaya
Can you imagine being totally isolated from everything and everyone you know? Not just being away from the familiar, safe and comforting but not having any connection whatsoever - to anyone or on any platform, I have experienced this. This to me is golden time, a time of no distractions. It takes a few hours of being fully immersed in your present activities to shake off 'the fear of missing out' it's what happens when you get feelings of withdrawral from sites such as Facebook and What'sApp and keeping track of what's going on within your virtual world. When I...
What Is The Magic Water Circuit In Lima? I read what the magic water circuit (Circuito Mágico del Agua) was on Trip Advisor, It looked so cool and one of my must-sees in Lima. It's just on the edge of the city; about 20 mins from Miraflores district. I had to hail my first cab from the side of the road "Whoo hoo" (because usually I'd get the hotel or B&B to call one - safer that way with a child) I was outside the Marriott when I saw tons of those amazing yellow cabs! (in London all our cabs are black)...
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