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There's Quite An Odd Story Behind The Statue.. Peter The Great's statue is 98 metres high and taller than the Statue of Liberty in the United States (93m) and heavier at 600 tons of stainless steel, bronze and copper. The statue has nevertheless had something of a history of rejection and is  the most disputable statue in the Russian capital. The statue of Peter is standing behind the ship wheel clutching a large golden scroll. If you look closely you will see other ships are sticking out from under Peter's feet. The statue rests on an artificial island overlooking the river in the very centre of Moscow, near...
Visiting Moscow Zoo What to expect, see and do During my solo weekend trip to Moscow I decided to visit the zoo and see how it compares with other zoo I have seen, we have very high standards in London and our zoos are part of the ZSL society, meaning gets lots of funding to home and preserve animals as well as costly breeding programmes, perhaps the 5* accommodator for animals. I decided to see how Moscow zoo would fare, it’s natural to compare. I got off the Metro and walked the 2 short minutes to the Zoo entrance, it was relatively easy...
Getting a Russian Visa Every country I have been to I have obtained my Visa when landing at the destination, Russia I thought would be the same, being British and all. No! Two weeks before departure I checked and to my horror I needed a Visa to enter Russia, luckily living in London it gave me easy access to the Russian Visa Centre, I went online and started my application, once completed I took a day off work to go into the City, I woke early, printed the Visa application, got new photos taken and made my way there. Arrived,...
Visiting Moscow for 48 Hours It is definitely possible to take a trip to Moscow for 48 hours. I was able to see the main sites and have a lot of fun participating in a range of activities to really make the most of my trip. Below is my exact itinerary of my 48 hour trip to Moscow. The activities were spaced nicely leaving me with enough time to relax and enjoy every moment and experience that I found myself indulging in.                   Day 1 Moscow Morning – Early afternoon - St Basil's Cathedral - Take a trip on the beautiful Metro to the...
My Solo Female Trip To Moscow I decided to take a trip upon impulse; A solo trip to Moscow for the weekend from London, full of Russian history, Ballet, Opera, weaponry training and a trip to Moscow Zoo! Who ever said you can't travel alone with a full time busy job and a young child! The Flight I was scrolling through European destinations as far to the edge of Europe as possible on BA.com, I saw Moscow and thought "Why an earth not!" It took me around 15 minutes to decide if I wanted to or not, I hit the purchase tab and paid for my...
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