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Any parent will know that children and hot, sunny weather aren’t always as good a match as we’d like them to be. Dreams of long happy days playing at the beach can quickly give way to tantrums and demands to go inside, and that’s before you’ve dealt with the warmth at bedtime. To help make your holiday as stress-free as it should be for you and your little ones, the travel experts at Thomas Cook got in touch with Single Mum Travels. Here, they give us their top tips for helping your children deal with the holiday heat.
  We are travelling to Southeast Asia in less than 5 weeks time and are super excited. Our trip will start in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and will last for 4 months travelling across to neighbouring countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia before heading back home to the UK to prepare for our 3 month trip to South America. Baby Rosa will be 4 months old when we leave to Southeast Asia, she would have had all her childhood vaccinations done by the time we fly (Phew!). At the moment I am preparing everything we need for packing and travelling. Today Rosa's...
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