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You certainly can’t cancel travel insurance that you have already paid for, but your insurance will surely come in handy when an event that you’re travelling for gets cancelled. So many of us have looked back on previous trips and are thankful for the travel insurance taken out to cover ourselves and family members. Event cancellation insurance is usually an extension that is optional in travel insurance policies. You have the choice to avail of this extension in cases where you will be traveling because of a special event.

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Congratulations for embarking on this huge adventure with your baby or children. I know from experience it can be a stressful time trying to arrange all the details of a holiday or long-haul flight, I've been there, many times! I want to share my top tips and experience on how to make it easy, enjoyable and part of the holiday experience.

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You can't miss Koh Lanta Old Town whilst here on this beautiful paradise island which is why I've put together the best things to do in Koh Lanta Old Town. Koh Lanta is separated into two very different experiences; The west coast with all the beaches and the east coast home to the Historic Old Town of Koh Lanta.

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Koh Lanta Guide - Your Ultimate Travel Guide Read our ultimate Koh Lanta travel guide for everything to see, do, stay and get around. Koh Lanta is the perfect Thai island with few crowds, long golden sandy beaches, clear warm waters. An island that isn’t too over-developed or crowded but has enough facilities to live comfortably as water, electricity and Wi-Fi are readily available.  Koh Lanta certainly hits the sweet spot of all the Thai Islands between remoteness and crowds. I've visited Koh Lanta a few times this year. It’s the ideal island for both holiday makers and digital nomads with a...

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TOP 5 BEACHES IN OMAN YOU HAVE TO VISIT Here are the top 5 beaches in Oman you have to visit. Oman has stunning beaches, golden sand, clear waters, hot weather and sunshine all year round. The beaches of Oman make the perfect holiday for beach lovers and sun seekers.   1) Ras al Hadd - also known as Turtle Beach. Ras Al Hadd beach is located on the eastern tip of Oman, below Muscat and nearby the port town of Sur lays. The beach is home to Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve which covers 120 sq km, it is estimated that the protected area...
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