What is a bucket list?

What is a bucket list and how do you get started creating one and best of all how to check off your list? Here I tell you how to make a bucket list full of inspiration and how to live it.



What is a Bucket List and How I Started

My bucket list consisted of two things; places I wanted to visit that inspired me and secondly things I wanted to experience in my life. I started by listing the countries I’ve always dreamt of visiting since a little girl. After I had my list of countries I starting thinking about the kind of experiences I wanted from travelling to those countries. For example, I wanted to visit Peru since I was a teenager and then realised I really wanted to venture into the Amazon Jungle and see the virgin rainforest’s exotic wildlife.

Want to see what’s on my bucket list, check it out here.


Once I had my bucket list written up I decided to travel to those countries and embrace the experiences. One was swimming in the River Nile in Egypt so when I took a trip to Luxor I decided to jump in the River Nile and take a swim. The current was really fast so I managed about 20 minutes before I got really tired but I did it and I felt amazing afterwards, I ticked it off my list.


Your list will change with you

No list will stay the same forever, it’s not written in stone. My bucket list changed with time, my age had a huge influence on what I wanted to do and of course with experience. I really wanted to complete a skydive in my early 20’s but now after 2 children I won’t be risking my life in that way anytime too soon. Sometimes our outlook changes with children in the picture and that’s just fine. If our tastes in films, food and fashion change, why can’t our bucket lists?

Bucket List
On the beach in Gili Air with my 2 children enjoying the sunset over Bali and Mount Agung

Your list will grow the more you experience in life

It’s certainly not a race to complete your bucket list, so relax. I found mine grew larger with the more experiences I introduced myself to, I learnt more about other countries and cultures therefore I decided I wanted to visit those wonderful places too. I have experienced more today than I did yesterday so it’s only human to want to get more out of life. Having a bucket list helps keep track of my goals in life.


I see my bucket list as a goal for the future

Similar to how people make goals and lists at work, I see my bucket list as a goal for life and the things I want to accomplish. I don’t want to loose sight of what’s important to me, life moves really fast so it makes sense, if business’s have goals then why shouldn’t I apply the same logic to my own life.


Start your bucket list now and get out there

There is no better time than to start your bucket list today, think of all the things you want to do and the places you want to see and experience, what inspires you? Whether it’s seeing the Amazon Jungle or Ancient ruins in Egypt It’s much better to start making your list now so you have direction and goals. My favourite trip was in Thailand to Koh Lanta, a family orientated island full of so much offering families and solo travellers.


Bucket list
Top of Tiger Cave Temple with a baby







  1. Every individual have their bucket list and i loved this blog of you. As a traveller i have travel bucket list and i want to complete all the dream destinations in my bucket. Thanks for sharing.