How to Find Hanoi Train Street – Thrilling Tourist Attraction

So maybe you’ve heard about the trains that run next to the houses down the narrow streets of Hanoi?

Hanoi Train Street, located just West in the Old Quarter sits A quirky part of town where motorbikes and tuk-tuks no longer seem the biggest danger to locals stepping outside of their homes. The danger is now replaced by large occupying trains that rumble through the residential streets of Hanoi, only inches away from children playing and running, locals peeling vegetables and cooking broth, washing their laundry and cleaning their dishes by the tracks – This is Hanoi Train Street – A Thrilling New Tourist Attraction

Hanoi Train Street pose
Posing on the tracks waiting for the trains to come past so we could take videos

Train Timings

I arrived at train street with my 2 children Josh and Rosa at around 14.15pm. The first train came passed us 40 minutes late at 14.40pm instead of 14:00pm but it was Tet New Year after all.

A local family who was admiring my baby came and told us another one was coming in about 40 more minutes. We decided to wait around for it, it was late again and we didn’t even know it was coming until the family on the side of the tracks burning trash quickly and suddenly removed their tin waste can from the side of the track, it came at around 3.25pm. After that train passed another 10 minutes later the same lady was yelling at us to MOVE, MOVE! away by waving her hands and walking down the track tapping other unwittingly tourists on their backs to get off the tracks and set the selfies aside for a few minutes because another train was about to come hurling down the wide tracks, and there it was another horn.

We managed to see a total of THREE TRAINS at Hanoi Train Street and each one was as thrilling as the last. So for the best chances of seeing several trains I recommend to arrive between 13:45 and 15:45 for the best chances.

Scroll Down For One Of My Videos Of The Train Passing
Hanoi Train Street - huge train passes by
The large train came around unexpectedly sounding its horn, it was really loud and all the tourists jumped off the tracks in time to capture the moment we had been eagerly awaiting
How to find Train Street in Hanoi
It was Tet festival time in Hanoi – This lady dropped her goose on the track and had a fun time trying to get it back

Finding Hanoi Train Street

To experience this unusual and crazy attraction at Hanoi train street for yourself, (as it’s definitely on your to see list) you first need to find the best location.

There are several spots along the track where you can watch the trains pass by, North or South of Hanoi train station located between Lê Duẩn and Khâm Thin street in Hanoi’s old Quarter. It’s one of the first places that the trains leaving Hanoi train station and heading South to Hue and Hoi An passes through.

I wanted to see the trains pass from the South of the station West of Hanoi’s old quarter, it was easy to reach by walking distance from our hotel, it’s also quick to get there from the lake (about 15 mins). You can follow our footsteps by using my map below or checking another location on Google Maps here.

Train Street Map
Map showing the best place to see the trains passing on Hanoi train street

The train street lies on a small street between Le Duan and Kham Tien, the exact lane the train passes on is called Ngo 224 Le Duan. It’s easily walkable from Hanoi old quarter, it will take you aprox. 28 minutes to walk there if in the centre. I did debate whether getting a Grab taxi there but decided I would see and enjoy it more by walking it.

Hanoi Train Street
A family beside the tracks took a huge liking to baby Rosa, they held and hugged her, she loves all the attention from the mothers and grandparents at Hanoi train street


Hanoi Train Street with my baby!
Waiting for the train to arrive, having some photos taken on the track with baby Rosa


Safety was my number one, and it goes without saying these huge trains are real they DO NOT and WILL NOT slow down or stop so please don’t underestimate the amount of time you need to jump into a tight safe spot to take photos and videos. Don’t be like me and stand by the side of the tracks expecting it to be ok. Even up against the wall where I was standing there WAS NOT ENOUGH ROOM for me as the trains are much larger than you think. I had to leg it into a doorway just in time as the train swept passed me and Rosa with about 2 inches of space between us and the train.

Hanoi Train Street standing on the tracks
Joshua found this whole experience amazing and thrilling
Hanoi Train Street station
Walking through the station was an adventure in itself


Here is one of our recordings of the 2nd train at Hanoi Train Street passing us.