5 Easy Beach Vacations

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing getaways from your normal routine and life. Unfortunately, if you pick the wrong beach, your vacation tends to be more stressful than fun. Check out these five beaches to enjoy a fun beach vacation that won’t overwhelm you, and your kids will enjoy.


Orange Beach, Alabama

Most people don’t think of Alabama when they are planning a beach vacation, which is precisely why it’s perfect for a single mom with her kids. Orange Beach is just as pretty as any of the other gulf beaches, but without the stress, traffic, and crowds. Check out all the hotel options, many right on the beach. Take the kids on a dolphin cruise or a backwater alligator tour. Rent bikes for the week to get around quickly and enjoy the fresh air.


Pensacola Beach, Florida

Just up the road from Orange Beach is Pensacola Beach, Florida. This family-friendly beach sits on the Gulf of Mexico with white sand and clear waters. Pensacola Beach is the gulf’s best-kept secret and doesn’t bring in the crowds that neighboring beaches like Panama City get. You will be in good company with the other families on the beach. Collect shells, walk down the pier, or enjoy beachfront restaurants during your vacation.


Image via Flickr by easement

St. Petersburg, Florida

It’s hard to find a bad beach on the gulf side of Florida, and the beaches tend to be less hectic and crowded than the Atlantic side. Fly into Tampa or Sarasota to experience the stunning beaches near St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg Beach is especially lovely and the weather is warm enough for a spring break trip. You also don’t have to combat as many college kids as Miami or as many crowds as Orlando.


Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Head to the northwest part of Florida to Jacksonville Beach to enjoy a fun vacation without the stress of south Florida. Jacksonville Beach offers lots to do including snorkeling, dolphin cruises, water sport rentals, and of course lounging on the beach. Although there are times of the year it gets a little crowded, if you time it right you can enjoy the beaches but avoid the large crowds. Fly right into Jacksonville airport and make the short drive to the beach for a stress-free travel experience.


Virginia Beach, Virginia

Although the weather isn’t quite as warm all year as the southern beaches, Virginia Beach offers an excellent alternative for a relaxed beach vacation with plenty of things to do. It’s reasonably easy to fly into Norfolk, and then rent a car for your stay on the beach. It doesn’t get quite as crowded, and you’re not going to have as many college kids partying as you would in Myrtle Beach, making it a much better option for a mom with her kids.


When you go to a beach that’s overcrowded or has a lot of college students partying, the vacation will quickly turn into a stressful week. Pick the right beach, though, and your kids will be able to have a good time while you get some rest and relaxation of your own.