I hate Mosquito bites, and after travelling for several months in SouthEast Asia I’ve come up with my 45 best tips for surviving mosquito bites:


  1. Have a variety of sprays and roll ons to protect from mosquito bites

  2. Use a variety of brands bought from home and away to see what works best

  3. Try out brands native to the country you visit as they will have different formulas for protecting against mosquito bites

  4. Use repellent on your body AND your clothes

  5. DEET works so carry some for extreme mosquitos

  6. Use baby friendly repellent for young children under 1 year of age

  7. White Tiger balm is perfect for easing itching mosquito bites

  8. Sit directly under the blowing path of the AC to help keep them away from you at night while you sleep

  9. Sleep under a light sheet or covers at night as an additional layer of protection from mosquito bites

  10. Use a powerful fan directed over your body while you sleep at night and during the day when home

  11. Wear long sleeves and trousers while you sleep – ensure baggy rather then tight so they mosquitos can’t bite through them

  12. Sleep under a mosquito net and ensure all holes and openings are sealed

  13. Use Citronella candles to give ff the fragrance mosquitos hate most

  14. Wear mosquito bands – One on your ankle and one on the opposite wrist

  15. When clearing a room or entering a new hotel room, shake fabrics well to ensure they aren’t hiding on curtains

  16. Always empty and get rid of stagnant water which is a breeding ground for mosquitos

  17. Avoid being out at sunrise and sunset, this is when mosquitos are rife and ready for biting

  18. Keep doors and windows closed shut to prevent them entering your home or hotel

  19. Block up holes or openings to outside like door cracks and non-essential vents to stop them getting inside

  20. Use a citronella electronic plug-in adaptor if you can’t use candles

  21. Fly swot visible mosquitos in a room, it’s likely there isn’t many so the one or two you get will prevent mosquito bites

  22. Spray mosquito repellent into a fan or AC to spread it around a room faster

  23. Avoid maids leaving doors fully open when attending room cleaning

  24. Avoid accommodation in forests and near ponds

  25. Wash in Citronella soap or body scrub

  26. Avoid rooms painted or decorated in dark colours where mosquitos are less visible to see and kill

  27. Don’t stay out late at night as this increases your risk of mosquito bites

  28. Don’t have a beer and think you’ll be okay, mosquitos will still bite you even after a few drinks

  29. Don’t scratch them no matter what, they will get worse!

  30. Don’t use lemon, the sun may cause burns to the skin when combined

  31. Once bit use anti-inflammatories to reduce swelling and itching

  32. Take antihistamines if bitten

  33. Shake clothes and bed linens for sitting mosquitos before you sleep at night

  34. Take anti-malaria tablets to protect from mosquito diseases

  35. Avoid swimming in the pool at night

  36. Don’t stand still outside your door looking for your keys – keep moving so they can’t land on you

  37. Avoid camping in tents where there is more exposure to mosquitos

  38. Avoid overcrowded dorm rooms where others leave open doors and windows

  39. Have adequate sealing around doors and windows and bring your own tape just incase

  40. Don’t fall asleep outside especially when approaching dusk time or watching the sunset

  41. Avoid tight fitting clothes that provide no protection such as leggings that can be bitten through

  42. Avoid sitting outside for evening meals at restaurants

  43. Don’t get sweaty, keep clean, they are attracted to body odour

  44. Don’t look them in the eye (well, they have over 100!)

  45. Re-read this list again just to make sure your protected 


We currently use Incognito sprays and roll ons for our trip in Thailand

Incognito All Natural Deet Free Anti Mosquito Insect Repellent Spray (100Ml)


Mosquito Bites
Mosquito Bites


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