We are travelling to Southeast Asia in less than 5 weeks time and are super excited. Our trip will start in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and will last for 4 months travelling across to neighbouring countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia before heading back home to the UK to prepare for our 3 month trip to South America.

Baby Rosa will be 4 months old when we leave to Southeast Asia, she would have had all her childhood vaccinations done by the time we fly (Phew!). At the moment I am preparing everything we need for packing and travelling. Today Rosa’s baby sleeping anti mosquito bed arrived. Tomorrow we should have Joshua’s backpack and clothes delivered. Just a few more items to gather then we’ll be ready for our adventure of a lifetime in Southeast Asia.

When I booked the flights with Oman Air I was very excited, I had seen the perfect flights a few days prior to booking and kept wondering if I should just go for it, then on a Thursday evening I did. I booked those tickets with a return 4 months later, and during that time I thought why not go travel and explore Southeast Asia, Joshua would learn so much and really get to see a dynamic and buzzing part of the world.

After a few days I started to worry, had I made a mistake? I would be so far from home, away from all my usual home comforts and family support, especially with a baby who is only a few months old! That’s what made me feel guilty more than anything was the fact baby Rosa wouldn’t have all her usual home comforts and most of all the safety of home, travelling would be removing all of this, but I told myself those memories would eventually fade away and be replaced with adventure, new experiences, new people, sights, climates, cultures and a new way of living.

I can’t think of a more perfect time to do this trip to Southeast Asia than during my maternity leave from work. Rosa will be small enough for me to manage while travelling, she can’t crawl or sit up unaided yet, no doubt she would be almost 9 months old when returning so I’d expect her to have started crawling by then, and I wonder which country she’ll cut her first tooth in! I bet it’ll be Thailand where we plan to spend 6 weeks or more, exploring the beautiful white sandy beaches around Krabi and Ko Pha Ngan.

I look forward to all the new and wonderful flavours of Southeast Asia to try out, brand new dishes to discover and fall in love with. Most of all I look forward to sharing our photos and updates with all my readers, I will be documenting the highs and lows of travelling with a baby to Southeast Asia for 4 months.


Single Mum Travels to Southeast Asia



  1. Hello, I am a single mum to a three year old. I want to travel the world with him, but it scares me. How do you cope? If you could contact me via email for a possible chat it would br great. thank you xx