Surprise! Now travel is going to be one big adventure with the new bundle of baby on the way with 1 week to go.

Yes! We are going to be travelling the world with a new baby!! A cutie little girl! This takes travel to a whole new level! We are so excited and looking forward to our little addition and the sweet future and all the new adventures in store for us as a little family. From Autumn 2017 I am going to be World-Schooling Joshua for about 1 year whilst taking care of baby, for which I will be spending my Maternity leave doing.

I hope to travel the world for a year and with Joshua leaving school, depending on where we stay the longest I would like to send him to an International school as I believe it to offer a great experience by providing him with a global education. Learning through our travels is number one on the list, more than anything else I want my children to have an all round practical, hands on education from around the world – besides who can sit in class all day when the world is out there to see, touch and discover!

You may be where I was 3 – 4 years ago; lonely, feeling down and struggling to get by, I understand it. I worked really, really hard for years saving and deciding what I truly wanted from life. It hasn’t come easy at all, it’s been more than a struggle, but you have to know, if you want something to happen, it will, you have to keep striving and NEVER lose track of that goal in your heart.