What is Data Roaming?

Data roaming happens when you travel outside your own country’s network into another. By having data roaming activated you will be using another country’s network for connecting to the Internet, making and receiving phone calls and text messages.


Downsides of Data Roaming while Travelling to Multiple Countries

The number 1 downside of data roaming is that it’s expensive, you’ve likely read horror stories of travellers running up huge data bills from their own network providers, one way to get around this is to buy a new SIM card for each country you visit but this incurs the cost of a new SIM, topping up and once you leave to another country you have to start the whole process all over again, not my idea of fun. You could also try to connect to free WIFI hotspots but this again is not easy and time consuming as well as dealing with slow Internet connections, not ideal if you’re working remotely while travelling either.


A Solution Discovered – What is Flexiroam X?

Flexiroam X is a new product launched this year in 2016 based in Kuala Lumpur; they created an ultra-thin SIM card that discreetly attaches to your current SIM. This means you are able to use two SIM cards in 1 changing over when needed just by restarting your phone.

Single Mum Travels Flexiroam X


How to set up Flexiroam

I got my Flexiroam SIM card pack within 3 days, I opened the parcel and found the neatly presented SIM pack with clear, simple instructions on how to set-up and use the SIM. Hassle free and within 10 minutes I was able to start using the free data that I accumulated by signing up after unlocking my phone from my network provider.

Single Mum Travels Flexiroam X

Single Mum Travels Flexiroam X

I needed to download the App from the Android store, set up an account in a matter of minutes, inserted the microchip on top of my own SIM card by following the easy to understand illustrated instructions contained within the Flexiroam X data pack as well as the App walkthrough instructions. The Flexiroam X chip does not affect your own Sim card, as it is just a thin film that sticks on your own Sim card.

Single Mum Travels Flexiroam X

What Devices Flexiroam X is Compatible With?

Flexiroam X is compatible with any unlocked iOS and Android smartphone with any SIM size. You need to check with your original service provider if you need to unlock your device, as I needed to arrange for my phone to be unlocked.

Single Mum Travels Flexiroam X

Flexiroam X works with Nano-Sims as long as they are not cut from micro or regular sizes, in other words it must be original Nano-Sim.


How Many Countries Does Flexiroam Operate In?

Flexiroam currently has 3G coverage in over 100 countries and 4G coverage in 56 countries which you can check out below or here: http://web.flexiroamx.com/#coverage

Single Mum Travels Flexiroam X


I used my Flexiroam X in London, United Kingdom with 4G coverage; I give the speed and reliability 10/10.

Single Mum Travels Flexiroam X


Benefits of Flexiroam X

Flexiroam X is the ultimate flexible roaming experience, here I am in the heart of London with so many attractions and green spaces available to visit. It’s not always easy nor possible to go through the process of searching the free Wi-Fi hotspots, signing up, and then logging in.

Moving fast-paced from location to location, not returning to the same attraction more than once, it’s just too much of a hassle when on vacation to search for free WIFI. The more streamlined a process is, the easier it is to focus on what matters most and that’s having fun and enjoying every moment of your holiday.

Flexiroam X completely solves this issue for me; it allows a constant streamlined 4G roaming experience, no hassle, and just a simple process you have to go through only once to sign up and get started. I don’t have to worry about changing Sim cards as I change countries. I can spend my holiday roaming fast and freely instead of searching for random WIFI hotspots.

Single Mum Travels Flexiroam X


Single Mum Travels Experience of Flexiroam X

I found Flexiroam X to be such a unique product. The experience has so many added benefits from being able to see Trip Advisor travel highlights at thousands of supported locations via the Flexiroam X App, the ability to unlock FREE DATA by allowing each user of Flexiroam X to create custom referral codes, I can ensure I get more data for my money!

If you truly seek to take advantage of the Flexiroam X benefits, you can unlock even more data through several levels of referrals. The more friends and family you refer the more FREE DATA you gain to use at all corners of the globe.

Flexiroam X is so ideal for frequent multicounty travellers on a budget just like me who want the benefits of easy data roaming without worrying about running up a huge mobile bill.

Single Mum Travels Flexiroam X


Would I recommend Flexiroam?

Yes I would! For a large data user like me I have found the holy grail of data roaming.

Single Mum Travels Flexiroam X