Are you off on a cruise this year? If you’re a first-timer or aren’t a regular cruise-goer, we’ve pulled together some useful tips and tricks to help you get the best out of your cruise holiday, from organising your holiday outfits so that you get maximum use and minimal baggage weight to important advice for your travels!
Cruise ships often have glittering evenings so dine on board in style and feel like a star in our gorgeous occasion maxi dresses, ensure you’ve packed a formal maxi dress and a casual maxi dress for those days out, as well as casual tops and shorts to chill out in. Not forgetting of course, the all-important pool-side attire which you’ll probably be living in, soaking up the beautiful Mediterranean sun paired with your favourite sandals, be it embellished, gladiator style, flip flops or wedges!

Cruise Packing Guide

Look like a cruise pro with our tips below…

  1. Know the dress-code! Look at the itinerary for your cruise beforehand and note down the specific dress code for your cruise liner – there may be specific evenings where formal dress is required.
  2. Don’t miss the boat. Be prepared with a watch, alarm clock and map/directions to ensure you get to your port on time when exploring the islands.
  3. Some cabins may be small, so don’t over-pack. Most ships offer a laundry service so you can recycle & mix and match your outfits (we show you how, below!)
  4. Be clear on what’s included in your ticket and more importantly what’s not. You don’t want to end up racking up a huge bar bill by the end of your trip.
  5. Avoid high phone charges. Check your cruise has WiFi and use a service such as Whats App to connect with friends and family on board for free.
  6. Don’t miss the shows. Get up to speed with the planned activity for the week, highlight your favourites so you’re sure to make the most of your trip without missing out on the entertainment.
  7. Binoculars are a great item to pack – explore the great sea, go whale watching or simply use in when exploring on dry land.
  8. Keep important documents with you such as passports & travel tickets.
  9. Before you book, if you’re prone to sea sickness try and get a cabin in the mid-ship on a low deck, this is where you should feel the least amount of movement.
  10. Interact with the ship’s crew, you never know what insightful knowledge they can pass on, from sharing little known facts about the ship or what to see and do on dry land.