As parents, we are always used to ensuring that we carry with us all the essentials on a day out. However, it gets trickier when travelling internationally.

It can be almost impossible to physically carry everything we need; what our child needs; and the child as well! The last thing we want to do is make the decision to leave something behind to later regret it.

Sometimes it’s not possible to carry all the items we want for a particular trip. I know from experience that carrying a child and a heavy backpack around South America isn’t ideal.

Packing For Travel

When adventuring in certain countries with vast climates such as Peru, you need to pack clothing suitable for each climate. For example, consider bringing wooly jumpers, hiking boots, hats, scarves and gloves for the mountainous climate in Cusco and hiking Machu Picchu. On the other hand, shorts, dresses, t-shirts, cargo trousers, and a DSLR camera should be on top of your list if you’re travelling to humid Amazon jungle treks. It also goes without saying that beachwear, sandals, and modest summer attire are the necessities when travelling in the city and walking along beaches.


Clearly, carrying clothing and equipment for 3 climates takes a lot of effort. You might even feel stressed about packing for the holidays if this is the case. Imagine how difficult packing would be if you’re a single parent who also needs to pack your children’s belongings.

In addition to the stress that packing brings, airlines charge a lot of money for excess baggage. They are sneaky; Unfortunately, a key ancillary revenue stream for airlines is huge excess baggage fees, which sometimes make any cheap bargain flight not worth it in the end. So where does that leave us?

Excess Baggage Single Mum Travels

Remember, we’re going to be visiting places with different climates. This will require us to bring the proper set of clothing as well as equipment like cameras or snorkeling gear. In addition, you may find yourself bringing along your baby’s carrier. This increases the chances of needing more than the allowed airline baggage weight.

Being a single parent, we are responsible for finding alternative travel arrangements. With all the items we need to bring on our trip, we need a reliable solution. Personally, I don’t want to leave behind essentials, but at the same time I don’t want to waste unnecessary money on hefty penalty fees.


World Baggage - Single Mum Travels

Fortunately, I discovered a company called World Baggage. They offer a freight service that offers up to 70% off the price of excess baggage compared to what airlines charge. The fact they have created such a useful niche they really can secure the very best fees for shipping around and sending baggage to almost anywhere in the world.

They have a very simple and easy to use system that allows you to plan and book online. You select and choose your preferred service, pack and label your bags, schedule the collection and drop off location. The payments are made online and the best part is you can track you baggage online from your mobile phone.

The most useful service I found was the delivery to door courier service. You don’t need to take your baggage or equipment to the airport and to the hotel yourself. World Baggage will deliver your luggage directly for you. Note though that delivery may take around 3-5 days. So it would make sense to get your bags packed and collected a few days before your departure. Doing so will ensure that you receive your baggage just as you arrive at your hotel.

Thanks to companies like World Baggage, you can travel lightly and stress free with your children. You need not worry about how you’re going to carry your luggage or pay the excess baggage fees at the airport.

Too Much Luggage Single Mum Travels

I love the idea of having my baggage taken care of. What makes it even more convenient is that payments can be made online in your local currency so you won’t be caught short at the airport with cash or incur card transaction fees.

It makes sense for me. We are going to travel around the world next year, from Asia, to the South Pacific, USA and Africa, there is no way I’m going to hoard around our luggage for the entirety of the 4-6 month trip. Can you imagine the amount of bags we need to bring? Imagine how hard it will be to get from airport to airport while managing the kids. I’d rather save my sanity and relax knowing that I can rely on a company such as World Baggage to take care of my baggage for me. As parents, we need to be smart and savvy with our travels and this is possibly the answer!