It’s not possible for single mums to have a career or their own business, travel and rear children, In fact the only thing you can do as a single mum is take care of your child and take hand-outs from the Government, you will never be as successful as a two parent family.

Well, the above simply is not true!

Firstly single mums are exceptional at so many things, much more than what society can begin to credit us with. Nowhere near.

Single mums are an underrated pillar of society, raising a new generation of children, working full and part-time, building great careers, paving the road to success for their families, contributing to the economy, contributing to the communities all around us.

But so many people don’t see this, they have a perception in their minds that allow them to believe single mums are leaching off the Government, raising bad and broken children, draining resources, uneducated the list goes on.. All this is just complete nonsense.


The amount of times I have been looked down upon for being a single parent, people judging me because I have a child by my side. Stigmatized by many with the majority of the politicians greatly disconnected with the struggles single parents face managing day-to-day life, childcare, work, study, business, teaching their children, but it’s our own fault, right?

In most countries around the globe single mothers are looked down upon, some are more supporting than others but there are also those who regard them as used and damaged, of no use and just a burden, if anything is damaging it’s that very mentality, and it needs to change, we all have a responsibility to make a change.

Take for example the wonderful work JK Rowling, current president of Gingerbread UK, Rowling boldly and proudly states:

“I am prouder of my years as a single mother than of any other part of my life”

As the author of the first four Harry Potter books, she strove to achieve her potential and beyond and with that success came; she has campaigned for single parents and is a voice that needs to be heard.

As a single mother since my son was 1 years old and being 23 I know the struggles, the remarks, the challenges that came and the challenges that remain, but don’t loose hope, keep striving and setting good examples, even when it seems impossible remember everything is possible.

Celebrate Being a Single Parent