Saving for the future is taking away your today. I will present my top 5 tips for saving so you can travel and actually live the life you want.

If you are locked down into the work, survive and save model, you may not be giving enough time and thought to your happiness and wellbeing today. Do you have a good work-life balance? This is one of the major reasons NOT to get stuck in your job and tied down with a house (if you can even secure a mortgage in the first place), time is the only thing you REALLY do have and that only you alone can do anything you wish with it. We are not guaranteed long lives so why do we spend so much of the time that we do have planning for time we are not even sure we are going to get to enjoy? and besides, tomorrow is never guaranteed to anyone.

Top 5 saving tips for travel

How many of us allow the voices around us to define what we should do? We take the “safe jobs” with the steady employment, but we also remain unhappy and unsatisfied in this work and lifestyle?

Don’t for a second think that these cosy jobs (which can be lost at anytime due to financial constraints) and saving plans come at no cost to us, they definitely do! It comes at the cost of your dreams, your dreams you had growing up. would you rather be taking risks and adventuring, than slaving away in a job or career trying to hopelessly get on the housing ladder all at the expense of your freedom?

Top 5 saving tips for travel

If you had the money to hit the road tomorrow, would you do it?

When saving to travel don’t make the mistake for the definite comfort savings figure, it’s just a mirror of your inner fears. Instead, I’m thinking (not procrastinating) to take the dive. And I sure know it’ll be a tough one, but how to begin?

Top 5 saving tips for travel

Top 5 Things To Do – Save For Travel


1) STOP Eating Out

Just about everyone knows that one of the absolute best ways to save money is to avoid eating out altogether. Sure, skipping out on dinner with friends can suck but wouldn’t you rather eat food in Malaysia than go out for Malay food downtown! If cooking or eating at home gets too tedious, then why an earth not spice your recipes with a cultural theme or two; try out an Indonesian recipe whilst listening to some native Indonesian music, and just spend the remainder of the evening researching the different islands and beaches you’d like to visit in Indonesia!

2) Commit to STOP buying stuff

A great way to save for traveling is to 100% commit to stop buying stuff that you won’t even be able to use during your travels. We can absolutely take it a step further as you can extend this ‘no buy’ commitment to habits that you won’t be able to keep up or afford whilst on the road, like going for a monthly hair cut or gym membership (just go for a run in the park – it’s FREE!) then the savings will  start to rack up after several months.

3) Make a Shopping List

This one can be a bit tricky and I fail at this all the time, but stick with it and you can eat better and save enough to take traveling without even thinking about it. The supermarkets have so much power, huge museums of food, they have spent millions on sneaky tricks to make you put stuff YOU DON’T WANT in trolleys you don’t even need, How much food is kept in the fridge for a week and then thrown away. Absolutely make a shopping list. Dig out cookery books and plan meals too and ONLY buy what you need. By merely saving £20 a week you have already saved up £1,040 in 1 quick year! Take it a step further and buy own brand goods!

4) Sell stuff you don’t need on eBay, Gumtree or Craigslist

Go home open a cupboard, take a look inside and if it’s full of clothes you haven’t worn in over a year then you don’t need them. Sell them to someone else who does. Sell kids clothes, toys, bikes that have been outgrown, garden equipment, anything you won’t need when you leave to travel, In-fact, Im going to start this Right Now! Take it a step further, sell your furniture once you’ve booked your plane tickets, who can afford storage anyway!

5) Make your Own Lunches For Work

How much money do people spend each week on lunch while at work, £3-£5 per day, thats the average which is about £100 per month, a whopping £1,200 per year. Insane and unhealthy right? Make your own meals at home with half of that cost and you could save your health in the long run!

Last final tip: Give up on the Starbucks!

 Top 5 saving tips for travel

NOW is the time to get serious about saving money to travel the world or move to a new location and the sooner you do, the sooner tomorrow will be the day your adventures begin and your life changes for the better. The biggest mistake I feel I’m making is waiting for the right time, is there even such a thing as the right time?

….It’s Now

Top 5 saving tips for travel

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  1. Great tips! Tina. Saving for travel can be done and I would also like to propose another thing that could be done.

    While saving, depending on the amount, use savings to grow more money. Investments in the US I am not familiar with but here in the Philippines, I tell people to do mutual funds.

    • Thank you and absolutely, I believe investing in stocks and company shares especially high yielding companies with a good percentage on divided payments can be very advantageous, money can easily be automatically invested so over the years it grows and increases, it’s quite fluid so money can be easily pulled out and placed somewhere else if need be.

  2. Thanks for sharing these tips! The topic is very relevant to me right now, because I am doing a job which is poorly compensated, so I have to wait a long time before I can afford to travel. I have been doing all in your list, except for selling my stuff, which I’m really considering because I got plenty of stuff I’m not really using. By the way, I like the concept of your blog! I was hesitant to start a family because I would totally be upset if I could no longer travel and do things that I love, but with your insights, I get more optimistic that it can be done. 🙂

  3. I love your tips. These seems to easy to do and yet we still eat out, forget to do shopping list, and buy stuff we only find cute. When I was working before, I used to brigg food to the office. i must say I did save from this strategy.

  4. I always try to spend as little as possible so that I can grow my travel fund. This year I over did it thought, and managed to book in 3 long haul vacations, which required me to get another credit card. But oh well, that means to save a little bit more money, to pay them off. It’s all worth it when it comes to traveling. There’s no better experience.

  5. This are surely helpful. This are little things but we spend too much on eating out and buying things that we don’t actually need (that’s why it is badly needed to have list). I am planning a trip next month and will use this advice of yours to save some extra cash for my trip

  6. In general, change your lifestyle if you are a heavy spender. Hehe. For food, you will realise that you can actually consume cheaper, healthier and even tastier than having it ordered. It’s not an easy task but if you have goal, discipline is definitely necessary.

  7. I agree with you on these tips! We can save a lot by making or bringing our own lunches to work (for those who work outside the home). It’s also true that you can make money selling stuff you no longer use. That way, you also declutter your space.

  8. Those are helpful tips. I have different place of savings. Usually I first save money ahead for a peace of mind. Always trying to keep having three months salary ahead for any emergency that can happen. Then I have a long term saving for buying a house for example or this kind of thing. Then I’d have another saving for trip. I always prioritize and try to jungle between those so I always save the best and take in the savings only for emergency purpose. It can be complicated and exhausting sometimes to jungle between savings but when you handle your money right you can actually enjoy spending it without getting broke

  9. I used to play it safe (steady job I didn’t like, etc…) but 4 years ago I had a near death experience that changed the way I see things and how I go about life… I decided to be daring and choose a career that does not have a steady income because it’s what I love (writing/blogging). I take and make as many opportunities that come my way because we are not garanteed tomorrow. Life is precisous we must go out and explore the world and learn from others and through our experiences. Be happy for each morning you wake up and live the life you want and love…