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Ask Single Mum Travels!

I’ve Had many comments, emails and messages on Facebook asking me questions on how we started travelling and the steps we took to eventually take the plunge. Below I will attempt to answer the tops questions I’ve been asked. If you want to ask me any question I can publish it on this page, email admin@singlemumtravels.com.

Here Goes!

Q 1) How can I save up to travel?

A 1) Saving up to travel is the number one concern of all parents, you can save up by purely putting away your disposable income but that doesn’s always mean we as single parents have any disposable income to start with otherwise we would’ve saved already.. The best way to find a means of saving when you don’t have an income to save in the first place is by cutting back and shopping smarter, sacrifice and determination. Cut back on branded products – this was my number one money saver, I would save about £20 a week just by ditching branded products for own brands which turned out better quality or tasted better! If your a working single parent I can’t tell you enough, cook your lunch at home and take it to work, I know people who spend £5 per day on just one lunch! here are four more tips on saving. I saved £10 per week for 2 whole years to take me and my son for a trip of a lifetime to Disney Land. I would Cycle to work saving £98 per month on a Zones 2-3 Travel card in London, Eat less meats, it’s healthier and much more economical for the purse. Didn’t go on unnecessary shopping sprees – I made use of all the clothes I already had – for three years! I remember when I used to sit for hours working out my in-goings and out-goings looking intently on how to cutback even more, I made spread sheets in Excel like a geek in the dark. I changed my Gas and Electricity supplier, I stopped watching TV and canceled my £130 a year TV license fee and used Youtube instead 😀 Other options for me included a cheaper phone line rental on my mobile contract, heck, I didn’t even get broadband until 2013! I tethered to my iMac (which I saved 4 years for) using my 20GB allowance deal I got with Three Mobile for 4 years! I budgeted, NO credit cards and overdrafts, luckily no hire purchases or car loans, just the essentials; food, rent, council tax, mobile contract, childcare and school fees. I haggled on even normal things like buying a pair of school shoes from Clarks even a few pounds extra towards savings… I made every penny count for us, I was determined to achieve the goals that I had set for myself for the benefit of my son to travel.