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I want to take this platform to share the stories about mother’s all around the world, whether single or not, maybe you travel solo with your children, whatever it is, if your a mum and love to travel this is the place to be!


Meet Kinga, a mum of two, a lawyer and online news writer currently based in Krakow, Poland. Kinga shares her travels to the Baltic sea:

” Have you ever seen a storm at the Baltic sea? And a beach after it? I wanna tell you that it’s an amazing view! I love it and my small child too!

Actually, I’m not a single mum but I’m definitely a single travelling mum! I am on maternity leave this year and I decided to travel a lot during this time with my kids aged 2 and 6 years.

I love the Baltic sea. I don’t know beaches as beautiful as these we have here! There is clear air, smooth sounds and water with plenty of iodine. Living in the city we need a lot of iodine to be healthy all year round, so we breathe deeply being here.

We borrow a bike with a child trailer for two kids and we travel together along the beach. The kids love it! I also use my sling a lot for carrying the youngest during ours walks around.

We love eating fish, so every morning we go to the port and buy them directly from the fishermen. Then we cook it in our guest house or we do it on a garden grill.

I decided to stay with my kids in a small family ran, friendly guest house with a big garden and playground for them. They can play there with other kids while I read a book and have a coffee being beside them.

That’s a lovely time and I can say to other parents:  JUST travel as much as you can with your kids! Ask for help from everyone if you need it. The borders which you have about travelling with child! “

Sunset over the Baltic Sea
Sunset over the Baltic Sea