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I Love Covent Garden There is so much to see and do in Covent Garden and by far my favourite is to grab an ice-cream from Amorino and then take a walk around checking out all the live performances, just carry enough spare change in your pocket to tip them and you're set! It's such a wonderful way to spend a sunny afternoon in central London. You can even treat yourself to devine macarons at Laduree, vanilla and pistachio are my all time favs. Below is a collection of photos taken during an afternoon visiting Covent Garden with Joshua and ice...
 A Childs Tour Of Hampton Court Palace The rose red brick Tudor Palace, the baroque palace first occupied in 1700's has some of the worlds greatest gardens surrounding it. Hampton Court Palace offers child friendly tours with handheld audio sets with images and easy to use interface. Parents and children can take a number of tours together (each with a device) that last from around 20-30 mins each. Children can really get into character by wearing the thick velvety green or purple Royal Palace capes,  my son felt really special walking around with his cape and audio set, not to mention...
No friend is worth travelling to Zone 6 for That you don't have to wait for the barrier to close before you swipe your Oyster card That you MUST step back from the wide pushchair gates about a meter before it turns orange then you can successfully swipe your Oyster card :P It takes longer to travel from West London to East London than it does to travel to Brighton The £1 store is a lifesaver You are never a few meters away from the Evening Standard newspaper Nothing is cheap in Harrods.. Even in the sales! The Central Line is a form of Bikram Yoga, on...
There's Quite An Odd Story Behind The Statue.. Peter The Great's statue is 98 metres high and taller than the Statue of Liberty in the United States (93m) and heavier at 600 tons of stainless steel, bronze and copper. The statue has nevertheless had something of a history of rejection and is  the most disputable statue in the Russian capital. The statue of Peter is standing behind the ship wheel clutching a large golden scroll. If you look closely you will see other ships are sticking out from under Peter's feet. The statue rests on an artificial island overlooking the river in the very centre of Moscow, near...
Visiting Moscow Zoo What to expect, see and do During my solo weekend trip to Moscow I decided to visit the zoo and see how it compares with other zoo I have seen, we have very high standards in London and our zoos are part of the ZSL society, meaning gets lots of funding to home and preserve animals as well as costly breeding programmes, perhaps the 5* accommodator for animals. I decided to see how Moscow zoo would fare, it’s natural to compare. I got off the Metro and walked the 2 short minutes to the Zoo entrance, it was relatively easy...
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