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What can children learn from travelling
So many people ask "what is it like travelling with a child to a far, unknown, foreign country... And alone".  Some people comment on how brave it is, how educational and stimulating it is for both parent and child. Then there are some who hold some negative thoughts about the whole concept; "It's dangerous, how can you go all that way alone?" or "He will never remember it so what's the point in spending all that money" and even "What if something happens to you, you don't know anyone".  
Choosing The Next Adventure... I've been so busy engrossed in day to day life that I've completely forgotten to plan another adventure abroad, partly because I'm so torn as to where I should go. For the past few months I've been incredibly keen to travel to Thailand and Indonesia to visit places like Bali and Ubud, Phuket, Krabi, Ko Pha Ngan and Chiang Mai, but for some reason unbeknown to me I simply feel put off! Could it be that everyone goes to Thailand and Bali and it's simply lost it's appeal? I was meant to be leaving this Saturday for 3 weeks in Thailand...
Science Museum
What is the best museum in London for boys? The Science Museum of course! It is by far educational, inspiring, amazing and it costs absolutely nothing to enter everytime! Whether you live in London or come as a tourist for a few days, boys will absolutely love it here. Every young boy has a dream of becoming a spaceman or a scientist, an electromagnetic expert.. You name it, whatever it is the science museum will entertain that curious young mind... for hours and even days! The Science Museum is located in leafy South Kensington, Brompton Road. There are many bus routes...
Eco Lodge Peru
During our time in the Amazon Jungle and River we saw huge varieties of exotic and truly stunning flora & fauna during our trip to the Amazon in Peru's most Northern Territory: Iquitos, where we took a speed boat ride 45 mins to our Eco Lodge, we visited the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve several times.
See you from Poland where I'll be meeting some friends, sightseeing Warsaw, visiting the dentist eeekk! Krakow to see the University my Grandfather studied at, Auschwitz and underground salt mines! Time to leave to catch my flight! xxx
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