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Is much of the world in a deep sleep? are we below the surface trying to navigate towards the current to catapult us into life? Being and feeling alive?
Choosing The Next Adventure... I've been so busy engrossed in day to day life that I've completely forgotten to plan another adventure abroad, partly because I'm so torn as to where I should go. For the past few months I've been incredibly keen to travel to Thailand and Indonesia to visit places like Bali and Ubud, Phuket, Krabi, Ko Pha Ngan and Chiang Mai, but for some reason unbeknown to me I simply feel put off! Could it be that everyone goes to Thailand and Bali and it's simply lost it's appeal? I was meant to be leaving this Saturday for 3 weeks in Thailand...
Flying with a baby - top tips and advice
Congratulations for embarking on this huge adventure with your baby or children. I know from experience it can be a stressful time trying to arrange all the details of a holiday or long-haul flight, I've been there, many times! I want to share my top tips and experience on how to make it easy, enjoyable and part of the holiday experience.
What is a bucket list single mum travels blog
Everyone has heard it but what is a bucket lis? How do you get started and create one and best of all check off your list? Here I tell you how to make a bucket list and live it. My bucket list consisted of two things; places I wanted to visit that inspired me and secondly things I wanted to experience in my life.
Traveling To Oman With A Child
Muscat is the capital of the Sultanate of Oman in the Arabian Peninsula and our first ever experience of a homestay abroad. Some 8 hours away from London via Oman Air, I share my experience of an Omani homestay and the best things to do here while visiting.
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