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Disneyland Single mum travels
Visiting Disneyland Paris & Experiencing The Magic We have officially experienced the magic that is Disneyland! In all honesty I want to say it really is the happiest place on earth ;) Before setting off I was dreading the long queues and screaming kids, extortionate prices and being a general rip off considering the tickets cost almost £200 to enter, I definitely was not a fan of theme parks and never had the desire to ever visit Disneyland. I couldn't have been more wrong! What Changed My Mind?! I was Browsing the British Airways website for cheap flights to any destination in...
Single Mum Travels to Southeast Asia
  We are travelling to Southeast Asia in less than 5 weeks time and are super excited. Our trip will start in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and will last for 4 months travelling across to neighbouring countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia before heading back home to the UK to prepare for our 3 month trip to South America. Baby Rosa will be 4 months old when we leave to Southeast Asia, she would have had all her childhood vaccinations done by the time we fly (Phew!). At the moment I am preparing everything we need for packing and travelling. Today Rosa's...
Worst Case Scenarios When Travelling
For solo travellers and single parents looking for the best tips on planning worst case scenarios when travelling. It's good practice to have a contingency plan just incase things don't go the way they should. Whether in your own country or abroad where you may not speak the local language or know your way around.
50 Tips for surviving Mosquitos in Thailand
I hate Mosquito bites, and after travelling for several months in SouthEast Asia I've come up with my 45 best tips for surviving mosquitos
Solo Female Trip To Russia
My Solo Female Trip To Moscow I decided to take a trip upon impulse; A solo trip to Moscow for the weekend from London, full of Russian history, Ballet, Opera, weaponry training and a trip to Moscow Zoo! Who ever said you can't travel alone with a full time busy job and a young child! The Flight I was scrolling through European destinations as far to the edge of Europe as possible on BA.com, I saw Moscow and thought "Why an earth not!" It took me around 15 minutes to decide if I wanted to or not, I hit the purchase tab and paid for my...
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