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Cusco With a Child

Cusco; Above & Beyond

Cusco; Above & Beyond Travelling to George Chávez International, we woke early to get our flight to Cusco. Mornings in Lima are generally chilly and cloudy. We read that the altitude is very high up in the mountains of Cusco, elevation reaches around 3,400 m (11,200 ft), we were strongly advised to take travel pills,...
What can children learn from travelling
The Truth About Travelling With A Child.. So many people ask "what is it like travelling with a child to a far, unknown, foreign country... And alone".  Some people comment on how brave it is, how educational and stimulating it is for both parent and child, then there are some...
Eco Lodge Peru
Educating My Son On the Flora & Fauna Of The Amazon We saw huge varieties of exotic and truly stunning flora & fauna during our trip to the Amazon in Peru's most Northern Territory: Iquitos, where we took a speed boat ride 45 mins to our Eco Lodge, we visited...
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