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If you're looking for an affordable family-friendly location for your next vacation, the Jersey Shore offers loads of fun attractions everyone can enjoy. From sandy beaches to high-octane theme parks, there are lots of exciting things to do with teens on the Jersey Shore. Check out these action-packed vacation ideas.
Vacations are supposed to be relaxing getaways from your normal routine and life. Unfortunately, if you pick the wrong beach, your vacation tends to be more stressful than fun. Check out these five beaches to enjoy a fun beach vacation that won't overwhelm you, and your kids will enjoy.
  Are you heading to Memphis with kids and worrying that you won't find enough for them to do? Have no fear — Memphis is a family-friendly city with lots of attractions and adventures for little ones. Pick the activities that are best suited to your children's ages and interests from this list and you can't go wrong planning your family's Memphis vacation. Memphis Children's Museum Image via Flickr by jdg32373 This is an indoor learning environment designed to fuel your kids' imagination, but don't tell the children that they're learning. To kids, it just looks like a giant indoor play space. Once...
  When you're traveling with the kids, you want a family-friendly destination that has plenty of activities you can all enjoy together. Visiting the Florida Keys is one such option. This chain of islands may be popular for partying, but there are plenty of resorts and attractions where you won't have to contend with raucous 20-somethings. Just follow these tips. Choose a Family-Friendly Resort Image via Flickr by romanboed Many resorts in the Keys are incredibly friendly for both children and adults. Hawks Cay Resort on Duck Key has tennis courts, a beach, and the opportunity to go swimming with dolphins. If you...
  Whether you're booking your first getaway to Key Largo, Florida, or you return every year, make sure you get the most of your trip to this island paradise. Known for some of the best diving in the world, Key Largo is home to several coral reefs and shipwrecks. Plenty of water sports and other activities await you as well. Scuba Diving Image via Flickr by mattk1979 John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park's scuba dive tours let you explore living coral reefs and native sea life. You can rent equipment and take diving lessons at the park. Divers with advanced open water certifications can...
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