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TOP 5 BEACHES IN OMAN YOU HAVE TO VISIT Here are the top 5 beaches in Oman you have to visit. Oman has stunning beaches, golden sand, clear waters, hot weather and sunshine all year round. The beaches of Oman make the perfect holiday for beach lovers and sun seekers.   1) Ras al Hadd - also known as Turtle Beach. Ras Al Hadd beach is located on the eastern tip of Oman, below Muscat and nearby the port town of Sur lays. The beach is home to Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve which covers 120 sq km, it is estimated that the protected area...
Any parent will know that children and hot, sunny weather aren’t always as good a match as we’d like them to be. Dreams of long happy days playing at the beach can quickly give way to tantrums and demands to go inside, and that’s before you’ve dealt with the warmth at bedtime. To help make your holiday as stress-free as it should be for you and your little ones, the travel experts at Thomas Cook got in touch with Single Mum Travels. Here, they give us their top tips for helping your children deal with the holiday heat.
Muscat is the capital of the Sultanate of Oman in the Arabian Peninsula and our first ever experience of a homestay abroad. Some 8 hours away from London via Oman Air, I share my experience of an Omani homestay and the best things to do here while visiting.
We hiked 2 hours in total to see the Treasury from above, getting to the top was hard work, hiking up hills, walking across cliff edges, jumping over gaps, finding the way trough trees and following markers on the rocks..
5* On The Dead Sea Sometimes life can feel so crazy, we feel undervalued, doing the job of two parents! working very hard, where is the time to even brush our hair, let alone relax…? So I decided to treat myself to a mini adventure to Jordan to see Petra, and to also spoil myself at the Crowne Plaza - Dead Sea Resort for the whole weekend for a 5* on the Dead Sea. Adventure Time! I was so excited to begin this trip, I took the Taxi from my hotel in Amman a few hours drive to the Dead Sea, I saw beautiful...
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