Russian Visa
Getting a Russian Visa Every country I have been to I have obtained my Visa when landing at the destination, Russia I thought would be the same, being British and all. No! Two weeks before departure I checked and to my horror I needed a Visa to enter Russia, luckily living in London it gave me easy access to the Russian Visa Centre, I went online and started my application, once completed I took a day off work to go into the City, I woke early, printed the Visa application, got new photos taken and made my way there. Arrived,...
See you from Poland where I'll be meeting some friends, sightseeing Warsaw, visiting the dentist eeekk! Krakow to see the University my Grandfather studied at, Auschwitz and underground salt mines! Time to leave to catch my flight! xxx
I Love Covent Garden There is so much to see and do in Covent Garden and by far my favourite is to grab an ice-cream from Amorino and then take a walk around checking out all the live performances, just carry enough spare change in your pocket to tip them and you're set! It's such a wonderful way to spend a sunny afternoon in central London. You can even treat yourself to devine macarons at Laduree, vanilla and pistachio are my all time favs. Below is a collection of photos taken during an afternoon visiting Covent Garden with Joshua and ice...
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