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Paris, to Love or not to Love... I once had a Jack Russel Terrier called Paris, I brought her out of my student loans instead of books for my Advertising degree, well worth the investment, I bred her, played 'dog baseball' with her and then had to give her up because my landlord said 'N0 Dogs' (even though I hid her for 3 years) I adored Paris. The real Paris in France however.... Not so much! I've been to a few European cities; Frankfurt & Dusseldorf in Germany, Warsaw & Krakow in Poland (my country!) Moscow in Russia and Brussels in Belgium,...
Visiting Disneyland Paris & Experiencing The MagicWe have officially experienced the magic that is Disneyland! In all honesty I want to say it really is the happiest place on earth ;) Before setting off I was dreading the long queues and screaming kids, extortionate prices and being a general rip off considering the tickets cost almost £200 to enter, I definitely was not a fan of theme parks and never had the desire to ever visit Disneyland. I couldn't have been more wrong! Looking for tips when flying with a baby, after 25 flights with a baby under 1...
We're Going To Paris! I can't wait! we are going to Paris in less than a week's time. I found a good deal on British Airways, flights and accommodation for us both, our hotel is situated right next to Disney Land, to be honest I was Sky Scanning my face off looking for cheap flights before the school term starts. I went over to to see what City breaks they had on offer and there it was, flights and 4* accommodation in Paris, I booked the tickets but what pushed me to go ahead was the hotel right next...
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