Bucket List

Our Bucket List

Everyone has a list of goals they want to achieve, whether short term or long term we all strive towards accomplishments, below is my bucket list of items.

  1. Ride the bullet train in Japan
  2. Visit Machu Picchu in Peru
  3. Visit Petra in Jordan
  4. Visit Auschwitz in Poland
  5. Visit Paris
  6. Visit Disney Land
  7. Visit Dubai
  8. Visit Indonesia
  9. Visit Thailand
  10. Cycle through a major Continent with Joshua
  11. Do a skydive before hitting 30!
  12. Undertake Great White Shark Cage Diving in South Africa with Joshua
  13. Learn how to use a Crossbow
  14. Open my own jungle lodge and adventure retreat in the Amazon Jungle
  15. Visit Trinidad
  16. Visit North Korea!
  17. Launch my Biz during 2015!
  18. Meet tribesmen in Papua New Guinea
  19. Visit an Atoll
  20. Help stand up for the oppressed in the world
  21. Swim in the River Ganges
  22. Swim in the River Nile
  23. Swim in the Amazon River
  24. Eat crocodile
  25. Eat Piranha
  26. Learn Spanish
  27. Publish a Book on Amazon
  28. Graduate with MCIPS