Piranha Fishing
Can A 4 Year Old Fish For Piranhas In The Amazon Jungle? Hell Yeah! A 4 year old CAN fish for piranhas in the Amazon, His name is Joshua and he's my son and he did just that! In fact a team of us; 5 adults and 1 child (Joshie) where aboard a tiny motorized canoe in the Pacaya Samiria...

Sunsets Of Lima

Sunsets In Lima
The Sunsets Of Lima The sun sets over the Pacific Ocean which gives a great opportunity to capture wonderful photos.  If you really want to enjoy a sunset in Lima, you have to enjoy life and walk right on the boardwalk or take a tour bus ride an hour before the sun is due to set.  There are many interesting...
The Amazon at sunset
We were stranded with no more flights until the next day, even then they could potentially be full..
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