Sunset Koh Lanta

Single Mother Travellers!

Welcome to the home of Single Mum Travels, are you a travelling parent? A single mum on more than just a mission, an ADVENTURE!

Please join us!

My name is Tina-Louise and I am the founder and author of Single Mum Travels.

I’m a proud single mother working my way around the world travelling with my son Josh and daughter Rosa. I’m originally from London, England. We are currently on the road traveling around South East Asia since the start of December 2017. We have lived in Thailand for two months, visited Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam and are next headed to the Gili Islands in Indonesia for one month.

I absolutely LOVE traveling, this is why I decided to take Rosa with me at only four months old to travel to Asia. We have such a beautiful planet to explore, we want to meet other jet setting families on the road and adventure seeking kids in the next best, craziest, unique global locations. So I hope you think we are crazy enough to follow our experiences around the world! I was interviewed and featured on the Great Destinations Radio Show!

We really hope you will follow us on this incredible life changing journey! And for all the single parents out there, you got this, you can do it, trust me, it’s what I’m trying to show you! You can check out our destinations Here.

Koh Lanta Thailand
Shells on Koh Lanta, Thailand


I loved to travel before becoming a mother but now I appreciate it a million times more with my two children, we travel so we can appreciate the world more; our similarities with others and to further respect the differences, we are but one race, in one world we all call ‘Home’. I want Joshua as a child growing up in the West to respect, appreciate and adore the various cultures and religions of the World. We love and embrace everyone.

Football Match in Cusco Peru
Football Match in Cusco Peru


Tiger Cave Temple Krabi Thailand
Tiger Cave Temple Krabi Thailand


As I document my travels when my son is older he can look back and remember all the fun we had (that I was a cool AND groovy mum so when I’m old and grey he can’t deny it because the proof will be here!), it’s sort of my gift to him for his companionship through our life journey, and also for others to see that you can explore and travel the world after you’ve had children or even if you are a single mother or father, never give up on your dreams, follow your heart and mind, see the world, meet new people and spread peace.  To the travellers without kids, please show your friends that do have, that it’s very possible. No more excuses.

Peru Amazon Jungle
Peruvian Amazon


So far I have travelled solo in Russia, to the rainforests of the mighty Amazon Jungle with a 4-year-old, to a Nazi camp in Poland, adventures in the Middle East, a beautiful 5* retreat on the Dead Sea, attended a huge demonstration in London, all while saving up to travel and study! And currently in South East Asia in Vietnam after visiting Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia and soon to be the Gili Islands in Indonesia!


Sunset with Rosa on Koh Lanta
Sunset with Rosa on Koh Lanta, Thailand


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Single Mum Travels Disneyland
Joshuas 7th Birthday at Disney Land

We have been featured in Australia’s Lift Magazine. Click the image below to read our featured content on page 17


We have also been featured in Essentials Magazine in Super Single Mums!

Essentials Magazine Super Single Mums Essentials Magazine Super Single Mums

We Are Up For Any Adventure  –  If We Can Do It, So Can You! ***You can email me at*** Please email me if you would like to work together, advertise, plan an adventure together, collaborate on solo female and single parent articles.

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