The Olympic Park Is Amazing!

We just got back from an amazing day visiting the Olympic Park in Stratford, London.

Olympic Park London
The Orbit – The 55 second enclosed slide with windows will open at the end of June 2016! 

I went with Joshua’s school along with 60 other children! We travelled on the London Tube from West to East London, it took a staggering 2 hours each way and we are angels for having survived this many children altogether on the London Tube! The journey was well worth it, we had a wonderful guide meet us at Stratford City, she took us all around the Olympic Village. The kids couldn’t wait to hear the stories about athletes and Ancient Greece where the Olympics first began. We started off at the Olympic Aquatic Centre where we got to go inside and take a tour of the main athletes pool and 5m diving pool.

Entrabce to the Aquatic park

The weather in London was beautiful, the sun was shining all day long, very nice but very hot, I wanted to jump in the pool to cool off and swim, but maybe next time!

Olympic Aquatic Park

Look at this amazing swimming pool! I love to swim more than anything.

Aquatic Centre

After the tour of the Aquatic Centre we went for a picnic lunch on many of the Olympic Parks green spaces. The kids sat on the grass enjoying their sandwiches and juices, I was lazing in the sun and silly me caught sunburn on my arms! Ouch. After the kids finished their lunches we took all the children to the adventure playground!

Olympic Playground

We were all a little worried the kids would go crazy and break an arm in this very wooden, jungle like playground, anyway kids will be kids and they got on with it and surprisingly there where no injuries, just laughing and screaming as all kids do.

Spooky treehouse

They climbed and used the swings and slides, they ventured up the rope bridges and into the haunted tree house like structures. The kids had a lot of fun!

After we all went atop the hill to see the 5 colourful Olympic rings, can you quickly guess which colours they are?

Olympic Rings Selfie

The children had a class photo taken and we all posed for photographs and took selfies… Well at least I did!

We sat down ready for our guide to give her main talk, we got to touch some really weird things which I’m still not quite sure what they were. One item was a giant shoe, this shoe was in fact the shoe of a very famous athlete and it was a whopping size 22!

Wow Olympian size 22 shoe

The kids got to learn long jump and had a good game of tug of war to tire them out even more. We heard stories of how the Olympic games changed over time and various different sporting events that used to take place, like gruesome wrestling whereby the only rule was not to rip your opponents eyes out! Yikes!

After the presentation and the visiting of the 5 Olympic rings it was off the to Lee Valley Velodrome where the cyclists go hard at the wheel to become the next world champions, well at least they practise here ahead of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Cycling training at London Olympic Park


The training looked fun, I love cycling and I used to do 30km a day even when fasting in the British summer heat, I loved the challenge. Just seeing the Olympic cycling track gave me ants in my pants!


Overall it was a brilliant day, everything ran smoothly and the kids had a great day out, what a wonderful way to end the week! Now it’s Friday and the weekend before my birthday, time to plan what the rest of the weekend will hold!

Olympic Rings Pose


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