Going To Naples With The Kids?!

Most people believe that Italy is the land of lovers 😉 However ahem, kids too have a space. Why Naples in Italy with children? Well there are so many activities for the whole entire family, actually travelling with kids is a way of expanding your travelling horizons. You may choose to go for a cultural event yet full of fun right!?

There are LOTS of fun things in store for adults and kids and the entire family at large! At a glimpse you can make amazing discoveries of interesting aged castles, have a taste of the best pizza on the whole planet earth, what about enjoying a hike of a volcanic mountain? YES!


Explore Castle Nuovo – Do you know how old this castle really is? The castle lies just opposite the Bay of Naples. It was constructed back in the 13th century after an order from Charles I at a time when he desired a new, grander castle for his Anjaou’s court. However, a large percentage of the history in this castle starts from the 15th century at a time when Alfonso the V reigned Aragon. This is just way too much fun and excitement for children; they would just love exploring a true castle holding the breath to the life of Naples’ history.

Naples Castle
Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1Q0ozTy

Climbing Mt. Vesuvius – The ideal place to burn off that extra energy 😉 It sounds like a strenuous exercise – GOOD, but the panoramic views surrounding Naples make the whole experience so much more enjoyable. As you climb the mountain you’ll have a rare opportunity to view the islands of Ischia and Capri. You still have an option of driving or indeed taking a bus up to the top, however climbing around the massive volcano crater offers you a moving experience!

Photo credit: http://bit.ly/20pAylx
Photo credit: http://bit.ly/20pAylx

Eat pizza – Please treat your family to the best pizza globally. Naples has gained huge popularity as the region that gave birth to pizza and nothing can ever compare to real Neapolitan pizza – FACT!

There are all sorts of varieties to select from but the most classic are the ones with basil, virgin olive oil, buffalo mozzarella, drizzle and tomatoes. Mmmmmmmmmm!

Pizza naples

Explore the city’s underground – Take a tour to the Napoli Sotteranea and discover the hidden history of Naples in an unusual way by exploring the underneath of the city. Though spaces here may be narrow and dark at some points – all the more fun 🙂 children always find such an experience quite fascinating, you can meet tour guides to help you see the catacombs and hidden passageways among other shelters used during the height of World War II. It’s amazing how you re-emerge back to the busy street of Naples.


Visit the steamy Solfatara – The landscape here is so fascinating and offers a complete unexpected experience for a family. Tour around the lava cap of an inactive volcano, though it still bubbles, hisses and produces spurts of sulphur fumes as a result of geothermal activity taking place underneath. The site is natural and offers a beautiful package of fun for the family. The Solfatara is a brief drive from Naples in the region of Pozzuoli.

Photo credits: http://bit.ly/23kmXRL

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