How would you spend one whole year travelling?

What would you do with your free time, where will you go?

The countries I would first visit would all be located around South East Asia, I want to see a lot all at once so I’d have to travel for around 4 months with my son to fulfil that goal then hop over to South America for 2 months, Central America for 3 months then finally to Africa for a further 3 months, totalling to 12 months of travelling before heading back to England, or perhaps a longer 18 months with extended stays, I may like a place, stop and work, teach English to kids or Business English to adults, I could also do some consulting on corporate product development, work on an organic farm, I could sell products on Amazon, take on writing gigs, the list is truly endless as to what I can do while travelling. I think I’d much prefer to stick around for 1 month in each country for most.

A rough schedule would look something like this:

  1. Thailand – where the journey begins
  2. Indonesia
  3. Philippines
  4. Taiwan
  5. Malaysia
  6. Laos
  7. Cambodia
  8. Japan
  9. China
  10. Bolivia
  11. Colombia
  12. Brazil
  13. Trinidad
  14. Aruba
  15. Puerto Rica
  16. Cuba
  17. Costa Rica
  18. Guatemala
  19. Mexico
  20. South Africa
  21. Namibia
  22. Zimbabwe
  23. Mozambique
  24. Tanzania
  25. Kenya
  26. Morocco

Those are my 26 round the world countries!

Quite a list I know! Or maybe I’ll decided on travelling to South East Asia by train through central Asia, China, then to the beaches of Thailand.. who knows.

I’m researching how others have planned their round the world trips with children, hopefully we will visit every country in the World before Josh reaches 16!


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