I Love Covent Garden

There is so much to see and do in Covent Garden and by far my favourite is to grab an ice-cream from Amorino and then take a walk around checking out all the live performances, just carry enough spare change in your pocket to tip them and you’re set! It’s such a wonderful way to spend a sunny afternoon in central London. You can even treat yourself to devine macarons at Laduree, vanilla and pistachio are my all time favs.

Below is a collection of photos taken during an afternoon visiting Covent Garden with Joshua and ice creams!

Silver Street Performer

How an earth does he do it? šŸ˜‰

Silver Street Performer

Seeing the many street performers, it literally cost’s nothing to watch yet it is advised to drop them some change for their efforts and performances. The costumes and make-up used is brilliant, the audiences that crowd round are pretty much full of young children and their parents, seeing the performers interact with the children brings such a positive feeling to them, seeing their smiles and sense of stardom really makes it worthwhile to see in Covent Garden.

Covent Garden Witch

My son adored Simeon Baker’s music

Simeon Baker Music

Street Performers London

Covent Garden LondonFront Row Covent Garden

Amazing live act in Covent Garden London

Hot Wheels

Dirty Dancing KISS



Street Performer London

Santander Bikes London



As you can see the street performers range from balancing acts, mystery movers, dance and hiphop to live musical performances. There’s definitely an act for everyone.

I Love My City!

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