Celebrate Being a Single Parent

10 Totally Awesome Reasons To Celebrate Being A Single Parent!


You own it! You get to make all the rules of the home or holiday, this can save so much headache, you don’t have to seek approval or worry about compromising, you can choose which amazing holiday destinations you want to visit and for how long, you get to decide how you travel, road, sea or air! Which attractions to see and activities to do on holiday, sounds like heaven to me! You have the final say in what goes.. or what doesn’t. Sweet!


When your child or children grow up, they will totally believe you were the real Super Mum or Super Dad during all those years of struggle; for money, during loneliness, hardships, full-time work, studying, puking on planes, exams, you name it, you will be the Super Hero at the end of the day, no matter what, and that’s priceless!


A child’s behavior can be negatively affected by adults arguing let alone the long-term psychological damage – It will either leave them crying or escaping for cover. Being a single parent with no one else in the home to challenge your decisions, you may happily continue to be that security blanket your children really need.


The National Sleep Foundation reported that sleeping two in a bed could cause you to lose 49 minutes of sleep per night. That is almost a whole hour of sleep!! Besides.. who sleeps straight? Its all about laying diagonally across the bed or relishing in the starfish sleeping style that makes my nights sleep perfect, every night.


Everyday you get to remind yourself that your brilliant children are all thanks to your hard work and efforts, all your inputs have come out into wonderfully behaved and rounded children full of life, you did that! Show yourself some love 🙂

Awesome Single Parents


You don’t feel like cooking, good for you, go get a take away, go out to a restaurant for a meal, no squabbles over ‘what’s for dinner’ you’re in charge, so make those decisions like the Boss you are!


Being a single parent we get the chance to make that connection to others in the same position, we reach out more readily to those in the same position as us, we live it and so do they, the connections are strong, make friends with other single parents and enjoy it!


You are able to involve your children in the decision making (only if YOU want to) Children become more capable and they become much more autonomous and  keen to help you make decisions on things which directly concern them.


More work does not necessarily mean more work. You learn to manage things a thousand times better than before, you get to work smarter and NOT harder! Making the best use of your time, you become super efficient at it. Time management becomes a second nature, you prioritise and organise at a whole new level! Remember work smarter NOT harder 😉


The number 1 reason to celebrate being a single parent is that YOU are the role model, you are the hero in the eyes of your children and they will love you even more for that and especially as time goes on and they grow up, the respect will be enormous, smile and enjoy 😀


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  1. This is such a positive approach. I totally loved it. And why not, you can just be yourself and be the role model. What more can you ask for. Will share this post 🙂

  2. I appreciate all the effort of single parents out there! My bf once said that it’s difficult when there are two adults making the decisions for the household. hahaha It’s good to spread positive articles like this to inspire single parents. However, I still believe on the economic and psychological benefits of having a partner in life. I do know, though, that a married or couple life is not really fit for everyone. Different individuals, different lifestyles. And that’s totally okay!

  3. I must say that this is one powerful post. I do not recall a post on single parenthood where the blogger was as positive as you. Instead of focusing on the difficulty, you chose to see the good and that really is not only for you – your positivity helps your child cope and evolve to be the same kind of person. WELL DONE!

  4. You definitely have a gift to be so positive and encouraging to others. You are such an amazing writer. I always praise single parents who doing everything they can to make their children’s like enjoyable. You are a wonderful mom and you should always know that! Great post!

    xoxo, Candice

  5. You are amazing! I admire single parents for their strenght and positivity… There’s something about them that really is awesome and i really appreciate how they handle things easily despite the difficulty of raising their children solo… You’re an inspiration…

  6. You really do sound very positive in your approach to single parenting! I think it’s quite wonderful. But I can’t help but wonder….you keep repeating that YOU call the shots. I don’t know your situation or want to meddle but a lot of single parents, even if single, can’t call all the shots. The other parent might have 50% custody for example. When I had my first daughter I was lucky to really be the only one to call the shots because the father wasn’t in the picture, and with that experience I can relate very well to you. Unfortunately not all single parents have this freedom.

    • Thanks for your comment, my son’s father and I get on really well and he knows how good I am with everything concerning our son so he let’s me do what a mother should do, whilst enriching and loving a child the best a mother can and if that means some travelling then all the more! And yes unfortunately some mothers or fathers cannot make all the decisions but if smart it’s easy to convince the other to agree

  7. Hmmm this is a bit tough to swallow only because I’m also an advocate of strengthening marriages. But just to take this post lightly, I agree how being single can have its advantages. And I totally agree with your points. You don’t have to negotiate with your partner nor argue about things. You get to be your own boss 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting, I also believe very strongly in marriage, it’s very important to for children and society as a whole, I was highlighting the positives of something that society deem to be negative or substandard. Showing that yes, there are many positives and some people don’t have a choice to be in such situations so I want to engage them and remind them that there are fabulous positives

  8. Inspiring post right here! I love how you highlight every perks of being a single mom / dad. I think this is the kind of posts that should trend. It truly lifts the moral of single parents. Kudos! 🙂

  9. A powerful and inspiring post you came up. I looked up parents on how they can manage to take care children, heading to a better path of life. So how much more if you are alone doing all this big responsibility? I guess one of the reasons to celebrate for being a single parent is that you will realise that you are not alone, along the way. There are family and friends who will support and your child who will be your forever inspiration!

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