55 Things You Learn When You Lived In London

  1. No friend is worth travelling to Zone 6 for
  2. That you don’t have to wait for the barrier to close before you swipe your Oyster card
  3. That you MUST step back from the wide pushchair gates about a meter before it turns orange then you can successfully swipe your Oyster card 😛
  4. It takes longer to travel from West London to East London than it does to travel to Brighton
  5. The £1 store is a lifesaver
  6. You are never a few meters away from the Evening Standard newspaper
  7. Nothing is cheap in Harrods.. Even in the sales!
  8. The Central Line is a form of Bikram Yoga, on the move
  9. Wimbledon and Richmond really are the leafy Boroughs of London
  10. No matter how tiny you perceive your flat to be there is always smaller!
  11. People who can afford to buy a flat in London must be secret Millionaires!
  12. Cycling is a form of deadly-extreme sport, only the bravest dare do it
  13. You cannot, no matter how many times you try to convince yourself, live without some form of caffeine
  14. We rave and complain about the Underground’s delays but know deep down we have the Worlds best public transport system (and the oldest!)
  15. We have awesome summers.. Most years.. Sometimes..
  16. We get lots of rain.. But it’s not THAT much, is it?
  17. Winter seems to last for eternity, and then some
  18. Oxford Street is a nightmare but we can all agree, It’s beautiful during Christmas
  19. Primark has EVERYTHING you need for your holiday abroad
  20. Buying 10 items in Marks & Spencer costs more than buying 30 items in Sainsbury’s or Tesco, or Morrison’s or anywhere for that matter
  21. Childcare is the worst form of legal robbery, EVER!
  22. There is always someone that will get ON the train before other passengers have managed to get off, so annoying!
  23. We are slightly alarmed when builders board the Tube at 7.15am with a beer in hand, yet we aren’t surprised.
  24. Everyone claims to be a.. Photographer 😉
  25. Micro Scooters are EVERYWHERE!
  26. So is Chicken Cottage
  27. Santander bikes are so CRAP and clunky not to mention a punishment to ride uphill, yet we love them and couldn’t live without them
  28. British Airways is an awesome airline and value for money
  29. You secretly hate Starbucks yet go there anyway..
  30. London has the best Live Comedy over any other City in the World
  31. London hosts the Magna Carta and the Rosetta Stone
  32. You rarely wait longer than 6mins for the next bus
  33. You claim to be 10mins away but actually just left home..
  34. We strategically plan avoiding bumping into charity workers on the high street 🙁
  35. 95% of the public don’t usually walk straight when looking at their mobile
  36. We wish the long summer days would last forever
  37. Buskers singing on the tube with a guitar are really quite awesome and deserve a tip!
  38. There are too many homeless people on the streets 🙁
  39. We have brilliant playgrounds for kids
  40. We have some of the Worlds best FREE museums
  41. Speakers Corner in Hyde Park is awesome
  42. Dentists charge way too much
  43. You can seldom find a cut & blow dry for less than £40
  44. Sick child + Boots Chemists = Relief
  45. Public payphones are virtually extinct
  46. Coffee shops have the worst toilets..
  47. You will avoid paying more then £1 for a bottle of 500ml water, no matter how thirsty you are, you promise yourself, you won’t do it!
  48. Shepherds Bush has improved hugely since Westfield’s arrival in 2008
  49. The Apple store is a brilliant time killer when waiting for late friends
  50. UPS win the worst customer service award of the decade
  51. Single parents have super human abilities
  52. If you have a pushchair and need the bus.. Good luck
  53. Charity shops contain real treasures
  54. The LEGO store is every child’s dream.. And an adults 😉
  55. Once a Londoner always a Londoner 😀

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