There’s Quite An Odd Story Behind The Statue..

Peter The Great’s statue is 98 metres high and taller than the Statue of Liberty in the United States (93m) and heavier at 600 tons of stainless steel, bronze and copper. The statue has nevertheless had something of a history of rejection and is  the most disputable statue in the Russian capital. The statue of Peter is standing behind the ship wheel clutching a large golden scroll. If you look closely you will see other ships are sticking out from under Peter’s feet. The statue rests on an artificial island overlooking the river in the very centre of Moscow, near the Kremlin.

I have heard stories that statue of Peter is the altered statue of Christopher Columbus who discovered the Americas.. And that it was meant to have been placed in the United States to commemorate the 500th anniversary of discovery of America, however the Americans refused to accept it so the designer Zurab Tsereteli  supposedly replaced Christopher Columbus’s head with that of Peter The Great. The statue was erected in the year of 1997 with the permission of Moscow’s Mayor Yury Luzhkov at the time. It immediately became a controversial matter, the citizens of Moscow didn’t want to receive the statue either! A collection of signatures were formed in favour of demolishing it altogether, there were also reports of plots to blow it up. The statues base has been fenced off and guarded in the past.

Peter The Great Statue - Moscow
Peter The Great Statue – Moscow

This photo was taken standing by the entrance of Gorky park as I walked past I didn’t know what to quite make of it, many have said that its extremely ugly and very odd particularly being placed where it is, but I actually think its quite cool, It gives off a sense of prestige and greatness. I would much rather see some colour added to it, maybe it could be updated through being painted giving it a refreshed look (Ha!), worth having a look when visiting Moscow especially as it’s so near to Gorky Park, I had no idea it even existed and just stumbled across it, glad I had.

Ship of Peter The Great
Ship of Peter The Great
Ship of Peter The Great
Ship of Peter The Great From A Distance

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