Random 1) Crazy Restroom – Moscow

I was in Moscow zoo when naturally I needed the bathroom. I was peeing when I looked up towards the ceiling to see it was mirrored, yes! it was mirrored, I could see the person next door to me, I freaked! I got out as fast as I could. Honestly, the female bathroom in Moscow zoo has a mirror for a ceiling!

St Basils close Up

Random 2) Freak In Kids Play Area – Lima

I was with Joshua at Park Kennedy in Lima sitting on the bench checking my emails using the free Wi-Fi (yes! Lima has loads of Wi-Fi hotspots) a guy of similar age approached me, sat down and asked me a few questions then told me how nice the beach was and he could show me around, after a few minutes of rather awkward dialogue I asked him if he was here with his children, he quietly said he wasn’t with any children! Eek! he said he had to go – yeah! I bet, freak! – as he got up to shake my hand which I refused he leant in to kiss me! I totally told him how inappropriate it was to do that, he left shamed.


Random 3) Toilet Dispute – Puno

Getting into a dispute with the toilet attendant in Puno coach station – there was a 0.50/S charge for using the toilet and a tiny amount of toilet paper in return – that’s fine but my son had diarrhoea! I paid her once then I went and brought a 6 pack of toilet rolls (it was bad) and went to use the bathroom, again and again, about 10 times within an hour, she didn’t like that, I had to explain he is a child and I am not paying each time he needs to go…

Lake Titicaca Uros Island Peru

Random 4) Tourist Dying – Petra

I was walking with my private guide in Petra when a small crowd of people were gathered around a man laying on the floor, he had died after suddenly collapsing at the scene, he was put on a stretcher and thrown into the back of a mini ambulance rather dramatically and driven off into the mountains..


Random 5) Can’t Get Off The Train – Poland

I was travelling around Poland and I needed to see the dentist (as prices as 80% cheaper than the UK), I took the train from Warsaw to a small town about an hour away. The train approached the station, I saw my friend on the platform waiting for me, I tried to wave her, I felt so happy, but when I tried to open the large, heavy metal doors to get off OMG they would not open!! I tried another 2 doors in the carriage, I was freaking out, who knows where the next stop will be or how long.

I ran through the carriage screaming “I must get off this train now” the train LEFT the station. I ran up to the guard and told him to stop the train, he radioed the driver, the next thing I know the brakes slammed down, there was a long and high-pitched screech! the train halted to a sudden stop, the doors were opened, the guard climbed down and helped me get off about 100 metres away from the platform. He told me as serious as one could “Do not go near the track, walk carefully to the platform” Naturally I just ran along the cobble stones and all the way back to the platform, I told me friend “Hey, I couldn’t get off, I managed to stop the train” We laughed so hard!


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