What is the best museum in London for boys? The Science Museum of course! It is by far educational, inspiring, amazing and it costs absolutely nothing to enter everytime! Whether you live in London or come as a tourist for a few days, boys will absolutely love it here. Every young boy has a dream of becoming a spaceman or a scientist, an electromagnetic expert.. You name it, whatever it is the science museum will entertain that curious young mind… for hours and even days!


The Science Museum is located in leafy South Kensington, Brompton Road. There are many bus routes serving the area from all over London not to mention the handy Underground station quite literally beneath the museum (how convenient is that!) Boys find it hard to stand still for long, especially in queues, don’t let the horror of a monstrous long queue to the Natural History Museum next door scare you off, you’re not going there, you’re heading over to the Science Museum which is every boys dream, besides It’s way more fun, interactive and less busy! no queue at all, just walk right on in!


Inside The Museum


Once inside you are to roam around all the floors playing happily whilst interacting as much as you like with activities on solar powered machines, interactive build your own energy grids, giant building blocks, water pumping systems, sensory play rooms, the whole museum is FREE, this is the beauty of living in a capital city, you get to do all the touristy things and most are actually free 😀 I really love London’s museums, you are spoilt for choice!


I took a photo of the “What’s on” time table, it was on a huge screen, nothing beats photographing your schedule! The museum really does offer so much for children to do, as you can see most things on the list were virtually FREE, only a few things such as the IMAX Cinema requires a paid ticket (£6 for adult and £5 for a child).

They had awesome Red Arrows flight simulators and photo sessions in a NASA space suite, we’ll definitely check that out on our next visit.



You can discover hundreds of fascinating and intriguing objects in the giant exhibition rooms presenting automobiles, trains, aeroplanes and boats, they are real and they are very exciting for young boys and adults alike.

Science Museum  Science Museum

Science Museum  Science Museum

The Bubble Show

We decided to go and watch the bubble show down in the basement. We had to arrive about 15 mins early to be sure we could get decent space right at the front, the queue got pretty long within the first 5 mins of waiting, by the time the doors opened it was too far to see the end in sight. The show was about how bubbles were made and how the different wands and sizes reflect which type of bubbles you could create. There were; tiny bubbles, medium, large and huge big enough for the audience to volunteer and get inside.

The entertainer was pretty damn good, he had me fully engaged the whole 20 mins. The kids really loved every second, they were clapping and shouting out answers, really getting stuck in. Always a great thing to see 🙂


Actually bubbles only form spheres, they’re lazy like that, he tried hearts, triangles and even squares, the cube seemed to have partially worked as you can see the shape inside the cube (image above). He used helium to make floating bubbles rise.


We saw a load of bubbles float up to the ceiling, he also used dry ice, which is heavier than oxygen.


Pre-Modern Transport


The museum is home to hundreds of olden day transportation vehicles, some for the road, sea, air and space.


This is a pre-modern day car, I had to take a closer look as I realised to much of my surprise that this car had head lights with candles inside, “why of course!” I exclaimed to Joshua, “They didn’t have electricity in those days” you should have seen his face! It really is remarkable that children could never possibly imagine a time before electricity, I find it hard and I was born in the late 80’s but for those born a decade or so later it really is a world away. Good job we have these wonderful museums to show our children just what life was like for those living before us.



After walking about for a little while we decided to get playful and participate in building blocks and making robots, here’s our result!



In Space

Exploring about space is every littles boys dream come true, how many hours do they spend building and fantasising about one day leaving our planet earth on their very own adventure into the depths of deep, dark space, I know my Joshua does!




Dining At The Science Museum

Science Museum

Dining in the Science Museum is easy and fun, they have two main Cafes and and few smaller ones, they also understand parents! If you want to bring your own food and lunches then they cater for that too! They have provided various picnic areas! Energy Cafe, Media Space Cafe, Shake Bar, Deep Blue and Deep Blue Terrace.

Science Museum

The Science Museum Shop

Science Museum

The Science Museum shop is my favourite part of the museum! We brought the Electricity & Magnetism set and couldn’t wait to get home and open it. They had Chemistry sets, electric building kits, science putty, LED watches, Quad-coptors, apparel, sea monkey habitats, microscopes and tons of pocket money toys.

Science Museum  Science Museum


On a final note the museum is fully wheelchair accessible! Hurrah

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