Single Parent Travel

Single Parent travel can be a thrilling and exhilarating experience, it can teach us new skills and also bring to the forefront skills that we didn’t even know we had. It can also be very scary, being a single parent and traveling with your children can bring out the best in you once you overcome the fear. What fears would a single parent traveling or planning to travel experience?

Prior to traveling us single parents feel we will be alone, very alone in a strange country, we may not speak the native language, we may not even have any experience with traveling abroad, this is ok. I didn’t have any experience traveling with a child, actually we all start off with having no experience. Single parent travel is something we can all do and all learn how to not be afraid of, but how?

Single Parent Travel Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

You have an idea in your mind right? You want to see the world but you have children, how can it possibly happen? Well very easily, let me tell you how! First you’re going to have to make that choice and really want it then you need to write up a plan, where do you want to go with your child, which countries do you want to see? For how long? What kind of experiences do you want to have? Is it Adventure, luxury, cultural, beach, packaged or all in inclusive travel that you seek? Once you have a few destinations on your To-Visit List then you need to research each of these locations to see what fits your goals and have fun with it. You are in control of your life, go and get what you want and don’t delay it.

Researching And Creating Your Plan For Single Parent Travel

When I wanted to travel with my son I had already established it would be adventure travel, I also knew I wanted to travel quite far away from my own country, I wanted to go the Amazon Jungle in South America, quite brave yes, but I was terrified just thinking about the idea. I started off by looking at the country, in my case ‘Peru’, I looked at maps and tourist attractions, I used Trip Advisor and typed in the country and hit ‘attractions’ it comes up with a list of top attractions to see alongside ratings from other travellers, I had my notebook with me and started jotting down which attractions I thought would be worth seeing, I read reviews from other travellers keeping my eye out for comments and tips by other families. Once I had my list of attractions I wanted to see I would go to the countries ‘official’ tourism bureau website for my case it was Peru.Travel and read about the attractions and sought after advice for tourists. Here’s a screen shot below as an example.


Next I would look at maps of the country, do I want to go North, South, or all over, where are these attractions located? We wanted to see the Amazon Jungle which was in the Northern territories of Peru, our international flight flew into the Capital city Lima so there was some logistical planning to do to get from place to place, we had just over 3 weeks and within this time I had to figure out how long it would take to visit the attractions and how long we wanted in each location plus sufficient time for resting especially for children.

My idea kind of went like this: City for a few days to get used to being in a completely new country plus resting and getting currency sorted then off to the main tourist destination which in our case was Machu Picchu, we had to take flights to Cusco so I scheduled 7 days up in the Andes where Cusco is situated, we would have plenty of time to see Machu Picchu and other places such as Lake Titicaca, discovering Cusco and the Sacred Valley in Urubamba. After this we had to fly back to Lima to get our flights to Northern Peru (no direct flights from Cusco to Iquitos) we spent a few more days taking tours in the city whilst doing normal things such as visiting parks, eating out and shopping. I had planned 9 days in Northern Peru, we were heading to Iquitos which is the gateway to the Amazon, namely the Samiria Pacaya National Reserve which was our aim. We did the whole plan plus so much more. I didn’t cram too much into the plan, which gave us time for new discoveries and meeting new people who could give us tips or travel along with us.

Research Will Alleviate Your Fears

Single Parent Travel

Research will alleviate your fears because you will be more in control, you know through your research what your doing and where your going, you’ve made a plan and you are confident in it. Just imagine doing something you have no idea about it could be anything but once you’ve researched it you have now given yourself the knowledge to carry it out, this is the same with travel. Make your plan, do your research and feel confident, prepare your success and live it.

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  1. This is a very nice post.. I haven’t had much of long single travels with my kid. But whenever I had to it wasn’t really easy.. but somehow over the years I have learned like you said…early planning can really help

    • Thank you Bilina, I love it because it gets us to see our children in a different light, travel definitely brings people closer together so why not with our kids 🙂
      I hope when you next decide to embark on an adventure it becomes your fondest memories xxx

  2. really good post! I agree research is your friend when it comes to travelling with kids! I love trip advisor too, I’m not brave enough to travel alone with a toddler yet but maybe once she is older I will

    • Thank you Ellie, I hope become brave enough, kids grow up fast, I love to have memories of travel rather than school and homework, I guess this drives me forward. Research is great, but remember, not too much, life is an adventure 😉

  3. hi, a lot of the travel i do i rely on my husband a lot as a team effort, so i really, really admire such adventurous travel and find it quite inspiring. will hopefully head off with one of my boys on my own soon.

    • Hi Joanne, Thank you! Go for it, you will just love the adventure!
      Next year we are planning a MASSIVE adventure to Asia, stay tuned 😉 xoxoxoxoxo

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