Location Independent Travel

Location Independent Travel Is Possible For Anyone!

Location Independent Travel is a very sought after lifestyle, It’s ever growing in popularity and even more so over the past few years. So many want to escape from the mundane 9-5 job, rather than having the life suck out of you, you just want to lead a richer life, not in terms of money but in terms of experiences, there is nothing wrong with wanting to explore the world, meet new people, experience diverse cultures and to eventually become location independent. Breaking away from the mould, the usual work grind and schedule is a dream come true for anyone willing to go for it, but to become location independent there must be a way of funding the travel. How to turn a lifelong dream into a reality?

Location Independent Travel Can Be Achieved

Location Independent Travel has worked for so many in the past and it will for those in the future, but there needs to be a plan. You need to know your skills, what do you have to offer in return for a fee? Can you become location independent with skills you already have or do you need to gain new ones? How long will that take you and what country have you thought about starting at? Will you be able to use your skills there without any obstacles? Here are a few ideas of skills and jobs to do abroad to become location independent and travel; Creating websites for clients and small businesses, content marketing and product reviews, teaching English in a country with a shortage of native speakers, role as a nanny or tutoring children of school age and even preparing them for exams, travel writer and reviewer, the list can go on, there is something for everyone.

Location Independent Travel; How To Make It Happen?

What are the first steps of location independent travel? Start off by assessing yourself; know your skills and exactly what you have to offer! Ask your friends and family what you’re good at, what jobs have you done in the past? Once you have determined your core skills look at ways you could develop them further and do it, the worst thing to do at this stage is to procrastinate, if you do that you will never achieve what you want from life. Make a plan of action, for example 6 months for enhancing yourself and gaining skills while you save up a few thousand $’s or £’s working, live at home or rent a room, anything to keep your costs down while you save, save, save to kick-start your location independent travel. Do your research on which location you want to start off in, sort your Visa’s out, pack your favourite hat and shades and dare to live YOUR dream YOUR way.

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