Getting a Russian Visa

Every country I have been to I have obtained my Visa when landing at the destination, Russia I thought would be the same, being British and all. No! Two weeks before departure I checked and to my horror I needed a Visa to enter Russia, luckily living in London it gave me easy access to the Russian Visa Centre, I went online and started my application, once completed I took a day off work to go into the City, I woke early, printed the Visa application, got new photos taken and made my way there. Arrived, queued and told there are mistakes, lots of them!

I went to log on to amend them and to my horror I find my password didn’t work, had to make a whole new application there and then and that’s fine, printed queued and was told I didn’t have a LETTER OF INVITATION, no way! For real, I called my hotel in Moscow; they told me they would email the application, oh gosh! I was running out of time, received within 30 minutes of calling, I filled it out and sent it back, followed up with a call to check all was okay, I was told it takes 24 hours to process! I freaked out. I left to go back to work.

Later that day I received the invitation documents with a special reference that had to be put on my Russian Visa application, I was so relieved. I went back the next day to hand it all in, and to my surprise…. All was okay; I paid my £84 Visa fee – that FYI is not a type-o, the most expensive Visa fee I had ever paid, because most were around the £20 mark. They needed to take my passport ant the visa would take 5 days. I got my Passport with the Russian Visa in it 1 day before leaving!

The Visa takes a whole page in your passport; it looks very similar to your ID page at the back complete with your name in Cyrillic!

Getting A Russian Visa


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