What Is The Magic Water Circuit In Lima?

I read what the magic water circuit (Circuito Mágico del Agua) was on Trip Advisor, It looked so cool and one of my must-sees in Lima.20130328_191647 It’s just on the edge of the city; about 20 mins from Miraflores district.

I had to hail my first cab from the side of the road “Whoo hoo” (because usually I’d get the hotel or B&B to call one – safer that way with a child) I was outside the Marriott when I saw tons of those amazing yellow cabs! (in London all our cabs are black) I said Joshi “Mummy’s going to get a cab off the road” He totally hopped up and down hands clapping.

10 minutes later, yes 10 we managed to get a ride, apparently I wasn’t aggressive enough and all the other tourists were getting to them first, I waved my hand like a crazy women and to my delayed surprise we got a cab “Agua park, Agua park” we hopped in and the car sped off and away we went to the Magic water circuit!

The Magic Water Circuit

At the entrance there are many women selling balloons and popcorn, flashing toys and various candy treats including toffee apples! All the water circuits are lit up, some are multi coloured whilst others had fading colour changing sequences.




As you can see these water fountains are pretty awesome, I urge anyone stopping in Lima to go and visit this fabulous tourist  hot spot. We went around 6pm and came back home around 9.30pm, well worth a whole evening, it’s quite large with spectacular displays every child traveling in Lima will love.




There is so much to do in the Magic Water Circuit with children, there is a mini train that will take you around the park, it’s not on tracks so it can drive around in any direction it wants, there is also a children’s mini water park for younger kids to enjoy, my son really enjoyed playing there, it had a changing light show, mini jumping fountains and awesome sound effects.






A totally random upside-down house in the middle of the water park!


Every Child Will Love the Magic Water Circuit In Lima!

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