Writing about our travels makes me so happy, I love to share the details to anyone who has an interest in travelling and especially with a small child, what a wonderful, cheerful travel companion they make.  Many people want to travel but do not wish to go it alone or they travel with a companion which does not match their personality, this can cause a disaster especially when thousands of pounds have been saved and paid for such a trip, I took my baby Josh and I never looked back, I wouldn’t of had it any other way.

“I Totally Fell In love With Cusco”

We woke up early to the cool, clean air in Cusco and had breakfast around 8am, prepared a day pack and obtained a local map from hotel reception and headed over to the Plaza De Armas (the main square) Oh and what’s this we find outside the hotel! a Peru Golden Treks & Expedition Mascot which resembles a buck tooth gerbil… Whip the camera out and take a few snaps with Joshie, bid farewell and head down the road dodging the cars which leave virtually no space for one to walk, so you must quickly scurry to the closest door to preserve your life… Pauses, squints eyes; “I totally fell in love with Cusco!”

Cusco is situated at an altitude of 3,400 meters, which means much thinner air than most people are used to. However we were not affected at all! The majority of young, healthy people don’t experience problems with altitude sickness. Cusco’s altitude means that when the sun shines it can be very strong, at night it can get very cold.


 Soo Sweet


Cusco is a city in southeastern Peru, near the Urubamba Valley of the Andes mountain range, its elevation is around 3,400m (11,200 ft). Here you can see the rooftops in the distance and to the right of the photograph there is a women dressed in traditional Peruvian clothing.


I just adore the alleyways and sloped streets made of cobblestone, the architecture is also so beautiful, it’s wonderful to take time to just stroll around town as each conner holds a new discovery, like a labyrinth of mystery.


Many art stalls selling vivid paintings from abstracts to contemporary and modern


Cutie pie


After some wondering around you will find many art shops and boutiques selling items mainly made from Alpaca, I love this textile, it is so versatile and warm, ultra lightweight, warmer than wool and even dries 5 times as fast, oh and it’s 10 time softer! You will find shoes, I loved the shoes so much but as we were virtually back packing our way around different locations in Peru, from the Andes Mountains to the humid Amazon Jungle, we couldn’t carry anymore than what we had. I saw bags, jumpers and shawls, I love shawls, although actually we did get some items we liked when we were staying in Urubamba at the Hacienda Del Valle – Images here.


We came across this man painted gold, we have seen many similar human statues in London, but this was by far the best we’ve seen, he’s a rather short man so at first we were debating whether he was actually ‘real’ or not, but as we walked away his hand slowly crept out for payment..


Small narrow cobbled streets in Cusco

Many indigenous women wear the colourful traditional costume, complete with bowler style hat. The hat has been worn by Quechua and Aymara women since the 1920s, when it was brought to the country by British railway workers.


Cusco is the historical Capital of Peru as it was for the Inca Empire. It is a major tourist destination and receives almost 2 million visitors per year.


The central square features numerous old buildings and arcades with rooftop terraces and patios where guests can enjoy a meal looking out on the plaza and cathedral. Local delicacies include cuy (roast guinea pig) and alpaca (charbroiled llama) alongside variety of potatoes and corn.


Mini Me; Explorer 


Plaza De Armas water fountain in the main square


Cutie habeeb


After some walking about in the morning we headed for a coffee and to see the view of the Plaza De Armas from above, after which we went on a tour bus tour of Cusco which included the walled complex of Saksaywaman (Sexywoman) and the majority of the town.



Random Fact: Wanka Quechua is a variety of the Quechua language, spoken in the southern part of Peruvian region of Junín by the Huancas.




Banco De Credito; we went here to draw out some cash, really lovely inside.



Many of the buildings in Cuzco have been around for over nine centuries, dating back to the days of the Inca Empire and beyond. Intricate Incan stonework can still be seen in many of the city’s streets and plazas.


A primary attraction in Cusco is the Cathedral located in the central Plaza de Armas. Construction on the cathedral began in 1550 consuming the former site of the Inca Viracocha’s palace.


Cusco Cathedral


Tourism plays a vital role in Cusco’s economy. Tourists contribute to a large percentage of economic activity here, spending money at hotels, restaurants and the many gift shops.


This neighbourhood housing artisans, workshops and craft shops, is one of the most picturesque sites in the city. The streets are narrow & steep with beautiful old houses built by the Spanish over important Inca foundations.


The city was planned as an effigy in the shape of a puma, a sacred animal.


Visitors can also hike up to the hilltop fortress of Sacsayhuamán, which once functioned as a defensive citadel for the Incan capital.


Massive stones dot the crest of the hill, creating a series of ramparts where tourists can wander about and enjoy panoramic views of the entire city below.

over cusco


A ch’ullu is frequently worn. This is a knitted hat with earflaps. The first ch’ullu that a child receives is traditionally knitted by his father.


Football Match in Cusco


Whilst in Cusco we booked a 5* coach trip to Lake Titicaca (Woooohoooo) the tour operator asked us to accompany them to a local football match, Cusco vs some other team (hahaha) We had a grand time, the atmosphere was awesome! we cheered on at our first ever football match here in the heart of Cusco.


It was surprisingly a really family orientated event for the community of Cusco


Sun setting during the game was stunning


Team hat!


The official flag of Cuzco is a rainbow flag, it is common to see the flag around the city displayed in government buildings and in Cusco’s main square.

Our Accommodation in Cusco Centre


Courtyard – I love places filled with plants and trees, closer to nature.


There is our room at the top, on the edge, it was so cosy and we were happy here for the few nights we stayed.


We paid about $50 per night for our double room in Cusco, throughout our stay in Peru I only ever got double or larger. For those on a tight budget, a double room in a basic but clean and safe hostel can be found for around 40 soles, and a simple two-course set menu in San Pedro market costs from 5 soles.


These windows were panoramic, we saw all the rooftops of Cusco from up here. It was a 10 minute walk to the Plaza De Armas.


Tiny closet. I adored the wooden carved beds in this room.


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