Moscow In 48 Hours

It is definitely possible to take a trip to Moscow, see the main sites and have a lot of fun participating in a range of activities to really make the most out of your short trip, below is my exact itinerary of my 48 hour trip to Moscow. The activities were spaced nicely leaving me with enough time to relax and enjoy every moment and experience that came my way.

Day 1

  • Morning – Early afternoon – St Basil’s Cathedral                        Take a trip on the beautiful Metro to the Red Square, Visit St Basils Cathedral to take some photographs and wonder through the Gum shopping centre, light snack in Red Square. Make sure you have a map of the Metro.
  • Mid afternoon – Early evening – Gorky Park                                Metro ride to see the Church of Christ The Saviour, walk 15 minutes over the bridge to Gorky Park, rent a bike to cycle around the lake and river (you’ll need your Passport), take lunch at one of the many vendors in the park or restaurants near by (connect to Wi-Fi and charge mobile – Cheeky) then take the Metro back to hotel for some rest (around 1 hour), shower and change of clothes for the evening.
  • Early evening – Late evening – Opera at the Bolshoi Theatre                         Metro ride to the Bolshoi Theatre for an Opera show which is such an experience – be sure to check their website of what shows are on. Afterwards take a walk to the Red Square (just across the road) to see St Basils Cathedral at sunset – a sight not to be missed, dinner at the local pizza restaurant in Red Square then a return Metro ride back to hotel for a good nights sleep.

Day 2

  • Morning – Early afternoon – Moscow Zoo                                        Trip on the Metro to visit Moscow Zoo and ice cream. You can read about Moscow Zoo here.
  • Mid afternoon – Early evening – Shooting Range                        Trip on the Metro to Moscow’s shooting range: Labyrinth in the uptown district of Kutuzovskiy prospekt, you can read about it here. Lunch from local Whole Foods store, Shopping trip to the Europeisky shopping complex to grab some deals.
  • Early evening – Late – The Swan Lake Ballet                                 Metro trip to the Kremlin Grand Palace to see The Swan Lake (tickets are really cheap compared to my city London), Late dinner in the Red Square then Metro ride to the hotel to prepare for flight home and sleep.


Moscow can definitely be done in 2 or 3 days, it is relatively easy to navigate around at ease, I managed to cover a lot and really had a lovely time whilst I was there. I was travelling alone so I made sure I kept busy doing a range of activities as you can see above. The people in Moscow are nice and I felt they were quite private hard working people, if you need help they will go out of their way to offer you assistance and ensure you are pleased. I would recommend Moscow as a good, safe, pleasurable destination for solo female travellers. I honestly felt safe through the duration of my whole trip and I was always getting back to my hotel around 11:30-12pm each night and didn’t encounter any issues, but like all places keep your wits about you and trust your instincts.

Moscow's Red Square

Sunset standing in Red Square, many tourists flock here to capture photos.

Snacks in Moscow

This was one of my delicious snacks in Moscow, black grapes, salmon baguette and carrot Juice.

Moscow Zoo

Moscow Zoo, arrive early so you miss the large queues that form around 10-11am.

Gorky Park, Moscow

Lake in Gorky Park, you can rent peddle boats to sail on the lake.

Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow

Bolshoi Teatre after watching the opera show.

The Sawn Lake, Grand Kremlin Palace

The Swan Lake at the Grand Kremlin Palace, I loved it so much, 3 hours worth!

Shooting Range in Moscow

Have some serious fun at the shooting rage in Moscow.

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    • Hi Overlordwhale, thanks for stopping by and commenting, I really enjoyed the shooting, I started off with the handguns and learning hold positions and how to shoot, then moved onto sniper style guns, I felt I did good and the guys at the range were pleased hahaha, the crossbow was amazing, was pretty heavy but you get used to it after a few shots, I would definitely recommend and would love to go back again with friends. You should try it for sure, it’s something different when traveling that makes the memories and special moments!

  1. I am sorry you had bad experience about your visa, but this is what I experience everytime I need a schengen visa for europe or America visa. I am Turkish and travelling world for a Turkish citizen is really diffucult. Russia is one of the rare places I do not need visa though 🙂 thanks for the pics and info, I would like to see Moscow one day.

    • Hi Mermaido, Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I’m glad I realised I needed a Visa before it was too late! Turkish! how lovely, I wish to go back to Turkey again (Altinkum) but most of all I wish to see Istanbul and the mountains. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for you, you are following your passion and making it happen, good for you! You should go to Moscow for sure, it doesn’t have to be expensive either 🙂

      • Hi, thanx for the Moscow motivation and my mom lives in Altinkum/ANTALYA right now, small world. I have born in Antalya but I am in love with Istanbul, if you did not visit yet you should do it. You ll love it. Enjoy your trips.

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