Preparing For The Big Adventure

Feeling fed up and bored of the mundane grind of work and… more work, I decided to do something I had never done before, I had this feeling I should fly far, far away to someplace green and exciting with adventures to be had, just the very thought left my heart pounding.
My mind was buzzing with thoughts on my commute home on the Tube.
I went home and looked at Flights on British Airways to see what destinations were appealing, flights were expensive, I decided to check Air France, scrolling through destinations I saw they were offering a decent price to Lima the capital city of Peru: £498. After a few hours of looking at dates and times and deeply wondering if I would ever be granted the time off work I started making notes trying to figure it all out.

Initial Thoughts

I was delighted to discover Easter was less than 7 weeks away which meant a long weekend of Bank Holidays, great!, that could SO work, it would give me a good time and take less of my annual leave. I looked at prices again and saw they were slowly creeping up , I didn’t really ‘have’ a budget, I just wanted to get the flights for as low as I could. After a few days I went ahead and made the booking, 2 flights to Lima for my 4yr old son and myself for £517 each.
I went to work and told my manager I needed just over 3 weeks off work, I gritted my teeth and awaited the decision, it was a ‘yes’ but one I could tell they didn’t favor in the least! That was it; we were officially going to Peru!!

I started my online research and checked out the maps of Peru to get a feel for the geography… I hadn’t done so before, everything was a snap decision but one I knew I wouldn’t regret. I knew from the outset when booking, the Amazon Jungle was my goal, it was my ultimate purpose for the trip, call me daft but I didn’t even know a place called Machu Picchu existed until after our flights were well and truly booked, I had seen the picture of the archeological site before but I hadn’t a clue what it was called or exactly where it was, only that is was one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World.
When I discovered Machu Picchu was located in Peru I jumped with joy and knew we couldn’t go all that way and not visit, so I penciled it down alongside the Amazon Jungle as a must see!



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Going To The Jungle?

I went to Google and searched for names and locations of places in the ‘Jungle’ I also went to Trip Advisor which was used to get reviews and see images of perspective lodges and hotels. I really wanted to get stuck in and go into the jungle and see it for what it really is, by that I mean lots and lots of flora and fauna!

I saw a huge national reserve located in the northern region of Peru on Google Earth, The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve it was called, it was big and green taking up a vast plot of land in the Amazon, there and then I knew that had to be the place to go…

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The big adventure



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