Single mother travels to Machu Picchu

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 Single Mother Adventurers!

Welcome to the home of Single Mum Travels, are you a travelling parent? A single mum on more than just a mission, an ADVENTURE! Please join us!

My name is Tina-Louise and I am the founder and author at Single Mum Travels.

Tina Single Mum TravelsI’m a proud single mother working my way around the world travelling with my young son. My areas are solo female travel and single parent travel. I’m originally from London, England and I work in product development & sourcing for luxury fashion brands and many prestigious global blue chip companies as well as consulting to small start-ups.  I’m currently a member of CIPS and studying for MCIPS.

I am very enthusiastic about traveling, we have such a beautiful planet to explore, we want to meet other jet setters and adventurers seeking the next best, craziest, unique places to go. I am also working on scaling up my online business so that when we leave for our round the world trip we can sustain ourselves for much longer on the road by working online and running our own business from any location around the globe just so long as we have an internet connection.

Single mother adventure in Peru

We hope you will follow us on this incredible journey! And for all the single parents out there, you got this, you can do it, trust me, it’s what I’m trying to show you! You can check out our destinations Here.


I loved to travel before becoming a mother but now I appreciate it a million times more with my son, we travel so we can appreciate the world more; our similarities with others and to further respect the differences, we are but one race, in one world we all call ‘Home’. I want Joshua as a child growing up in the West to respect, appreciate and adore the various cultures and religions of the World. We love and embrace everyone.


Crazy Josh, Single Mum Travels

As I document my travels when my son is older he can look back and remember all the fun we had (that I was a cool AND groovy mum so when I’m old and grey he can’t deny it because the proof will be here!), it’s sort of my gift to him for his companionship through our life journey, and also for others to see that you can explore and travel the world after you’ve had children or even if you are a single mother or father, never give up on your dreams, follow your heart and mind, see the world, meet new people and spread peace.  To the travellers without kids, please show your friends that do have, that it’s very possible. No more excuses.


So far I have travelled solo in Russia, to the rainforests of the mighty Amazon Jungle with a 4-year-old, to a Nazi camp in Poland, adventures in the Middle East, a beautiful 5* retreat on the Dead Sea, attended a huge demonstration in London, all while saving up to travel and study!

It is so possible, come with me and I will show you how!

My Life

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Single Mum Travels Disneyland

We have been featured in Australia’s Lift Magazine, click the image below to read our featured content on page 17


Adventure travel is a type of tourism, involving exploration or travel with perceived (and possibly, actual) risk, and potentially requiring specialized skills and physical exertion. Adventure tourism is rapidly growing in popularity, as tourists seek different kinds of vacations. According to the U.S. based Adventure Reply 29thTravel Trade Association, adventure travel may be any tourist activity, including two of the following three components: a physical activity, a cultural exchange or interaction and engagement with nature.

We Are Up For Any Adventure  –  If We Can Do It, So Can You!

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  1. Nomibug

    So excited to have found you! Single mums sharing their stories are so hard to find. I look forward to following your travels and catching up on where you’ve already been.

    • Thank you so much! I welcome you with open arms and hugs!
      I agree, and single mums get so much judgement from the community it can be really hard for us, I wanted to share stories to show we are awesome and adventurous as well as hard working mothers trying to hold ourselves up ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Nomibug

        Thank you! Well, you are certainly doing that. I’m loving day dreaming about exotic locations through your stories. Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Saul

    Hi there,

    This is Saul at GPSmyCity. We are interested in sponsoring a giveaway on your blog for mutual benefits. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please reply to my email at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

  3. Hi Tina, I totally understand why you are doing this. I am very much the same with my daughter. You can find us here Happy travels!

  4. Hi tina my name is Patricia I’m a twenty five year old single mum of three living in Essex and reliant on benifits. You are the first source of information I have found on single parents travelling. I’m so happy you exist , you give me hope. I’m researching how to travel on the road with children, I’m looking to refurb a horsebox into our home on wheels. I wondered if you maybe had any contacts or could yourself give me any information on how realistic this is. I can’t yet drive and we have no passports but I have rediscovered a dream I thought had died when I became a mother. And that is to have freedom. To roam the path less travelled to meet and explore every culture and educate my children in life. Please if you can offer any advice , anything , I’d be so grateful . I can’t accept that my life will be working to pay someone else to raise my children in a job I’ll resent and tied to a mortgage if I’m lucky enough to ever afford one. I know there’s more to life.

    • Carly

      You inspire me patricia! im 32 with a 2 yr old, 3 on your own is an awesome effort!! And that you have the passion to travel with them, so good. Theres always a way.

      • Hi Patricia, Thanks for your comment, I have only 1 child not 3, I think it would be impossible then ๐Ÿ˜‰
        You are right, there is always a way!

  5. hayleigh

    Is there any sites where I can meet mums to travel with?

  6. Shanelle


    I was very delighted to read your blog regarding single mom traveling with toddler. I also am a single mom that travel with my 6 year old since she was six weeks old all over the world. We just got back from Christmas break visited Trinidad, London, Madrid and Copenhagen. I see on your bucket list that Trinidad is one of your choices. I am a native Trinidadian when you are ready for travel, I can give you some helpful hints.

  7. leebaby

    Really glad to find this here… Am a single mom and I really want to travel with my son to other country. Have saved up little.. Please tell me how I can carry on dis

    • Thank you and welcome, keep saving, that’s the first step and you’ve already began, well done!

  8. Leanne


    I’m leanne a single mum from South Africa I have a son his 5years old and I’m longing to travel the world with him too….wow just looking at all the adventures you and your son has been on shows me that I can do the same with my little boy. I would love to travel with either a group of mother’sans it would be my 1st time. You insprenus single parents and maybe all of us should get together and travel the wprl together with our little angels.

    Please let mwnme know where to start..

    • Hi Leanne, Thank you for dropping by and leaving such a lovely comment, I wish you all the success in travelling. It’s amazing to gift our children with the rich experiences of seeing the world. I haven’t personally travelled with other parents but we have plans to make retreats to some really inspiring locations around the globe, I hope to get other parents to travel all together. Why not sign up for our newsletter and stay connected because we have exciting things planned ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. So glad I found you! Have always wanted to travel, and just have no idea where to start… looking forward to learning more about your adventures!

  10. katie

    Hi, so happy I have found this site. It’s so inspiring reading you adventure.
    Although I do not have children , I am single and so wish I was brave enough to travel alone. My worries are being lonely, not having anyone to connect with or rely on, which I know isn’t a bad thing! Any advice for solo female travelling would be amazing.
    Many thanks

  11. rosie anderson

    I have sent you an email! Great blog ๐Ÿ™‚ travelling as a single parent is the ultimate adventure!

  12. Brooke

    I am so glad I found this! I’ve always wanted to travel and have been to a few places but my travel experience is pretty limited. I fell pregnant and thought dreams of travel wouldn’t happen. My girl is four and after reading this its openong my mind to possibilities I have never thought of. My biggest question is how to support self and child financially while travelling? Any ideas? Thanks, Brooke

    • Hey Brooke, thank you very much for stopping by, I got pregnant during my final year at uni and so many people looked at me with pity (hahahaha) they honestly believed ‘her life is over’ well ain’t they so wrong, a child is a gift and a new life for not just one but two, a whole shift taking place, make your dreams into plans and keep them, work hard towards then and they will be achieved. The best way to support yourself is with a range of skills, experience and saving some money to be able to take off, always, always develop new transferable skills. Good luck, you can do anything. Xoxox

  13. Hi, Christina. I am glad I found your blog. It is truly incredible how one could live a life that is full of fun and adventure as opposed to others who could only wallow in self-pity. I say happiness is a state of mind, and what happiness is, is what you want it to be. But the best thing about being happy is being able to share that happiness with someone you value and love – in your case, your son.

    He must be having the time of his life, but as he grows older, do you think it could come to a point where he would value friends more than leaving to go off somewhere else?

  14. So awesome that you take your son traveling. Lots of people think motherhood is the end of adventure. But it really depends on how you manage things. I’m sure your son will have a lot to remember as he grows up. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. WOW! It was great that I’ve read this post. I really salute single moms since they pursue their responsibilities to their children. Based on your photos, I think your son enjoyed your trip. Can’t wait to read the next.

  16. You are doing a great job! I adore you! And your kid is one handsome boy. I’m sure he will grow up to be a loving man because that’s what you show to him. I also am a mom to a 2-yr old boy and I try to enjoy every moment with him as much as possible.

  17. I have so much excitement for you and for your son. I can see a strong woman in you and your passion in exploration. I do love how you narrate this too. Really looking forward to your adventures! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I love this blog and I enjoyed reading your adventure with the little guy. Such good intention to travel with a kiddo. You are not only teaching him about geography and culture and currency, you are creating memories with him. Yes, as he gets older, he will see all those photos and even read this blog about your fun memories together.

  19. You are amazing and I’m sure you’ll inspire a lot of single parents out there. Anyway, I find it nice that your son gets to travel at a young age. I’m sure when he grows up he’ll become a well rounded individual. Plus, he may find it difficult to leave by your side which is a nice thing for a parent.

  20. I am very happy to meet you, Tina-Louise! Your blog is wonderful and photos are great! I will be following your travels all around the globe.

  21. This is such a wonderful experience for you and your son! I’m sure he would cherish all these bonding time with you. He’s not only enjoying new places with you. He’s also learning with you about different cultures.

  22. Your son is blessed to have a mom like you. I wish every kid in the world could have the opportunity to grow like this and mature in such a high cultural space like the world is.

  23. Kayla


  24. Lavinia down

    Hi, I love your page ๐Ÿ™‚ I have also travelled a lot before becoming a mum but since having my little boy I’ve been to nervous to go away just me and him. I have now gone back to uni to study paediatric nursing as a mature student / single mum, but I’m really miss travelling and now that Herbs is getting older (3.5) I feel it’s the right time to start planning! I have the whole of next summer off, do you have any suggestions of places that you have taken your little one that are safe enough yet enjoyable? Lavinia X

  25. Jouna

    OMG my sister just told me about this.. I’m a newly single mum from Australia.. 38 with 3 kids (16, 15 & 10).. I’d love to do this.. Show my kids the world..

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